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EVRY has sold its unit for case management and archiving services to Karbon Invest AS

29 November 2019

(Oslo, 29 November 2019) EVRY has entered into an agreement with Karbon Invest AS for the sale of its unit for case management and archiving services for the public sector. The new owner is ambitious to further develop the business, and all employees will continue their employment in the new company.

“This unit has made good progress in recent years and has grown both its revenue and earnings. We are really pleased to have found a long-term solution with an owner that has the capital, industrial expertise and ambition needed to further develop its activities for the benefit of both the unit’s employees and customers”, comments Per Hove, the CEO of EVRY.

"Here at Karbon Invest we see a fantastic opportunity to build upon the extensive work carried out over many years on developing case management and archiving services. By combining the unit's expertise and the work it has carried out to transition software such as the building applications solution Elements E-byggesak into fully cloud-based services, with Karbon Invest's experience of industrialising and growing IT and software companies, we will create unique opportunities for customers and employees", comment Jens Rugseth and Rune Syversen of Karbon Invest.

The new company, which will be known as SIKRI AS, will have over 100 employees and is expected to generate revenue of around NOK 150 million in 2019. The unit has achieved satisfactory profitability for a number of years, and it has an attractive position in the market for case management and archiving services.

"Setting up a new company with 100 enthusiasts on board and some 400 customers who will rely on us being there for them every single day also carries with it a responsibility to ensure that all customers enjoy a level of service that is just as good and preferably even better than they are already used to. At the same time SIKRI AS also intends to play a very key role as a partner for our customers and major public bodies for the accelerating digitisation of the public sector with greater efficiency and improved interaction with citizens", explain Geir Arne Olsen and Nicolay Moulin on behalf of SIKRI AS.

All the solutions that make up this business area will continue in the new company, and all the employees involved in the business area's development, support and sales and deliveries will continue their employment in SIKRI AS. There will no changes to customer agreements or deliveries.

Divestment of the case management and archiving business of EVRY has been a precondition for the merger between EVRY and Tieto by the Norwegian Competition Authority.

About Karbon Invest AS

Karbon Invest is owned by Jens Rugseth and Rune Syversen, who have brought together a portfolio of companies under common ownership. Jens Rugseth and Rune Syversen have been the investors behind the development of companies such as Crayon, Link Mobility, Mnemonic, Basefarm, 99X and others.

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