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Public 360° reConnect

Public 360° skaper digitale fortrinn for offentlig sektor. Hold deg oppdatert på hva sak og arkivløsnigen leverer og bli inspirert av våre kunder. Opptak fra den digitale konferanse finner du her.

23 - 24.11.2021 / On-Demand, Online
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Agenda 23 November

09:00 - 12:00 CET
09:00 CET
Opening notes

Event host and moderator: Hilde Sandvik, TV host in the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.

09:05 CET
Public 360° is simplifying everyday work in the public sector

Welcome to the TietoEVRY Public 360 digital userforum 2021. Our theme this year is reConnect. Let us show you some great examples of what we have done this year and what you can expect from our services in the near future.

Torben Kristensen, Head of Public 360° and Bent Philipps, Head of Sales Public 360° in the Nordics.

09:15 CET
Public 360° Product update 2021

Why you should use the latest version of Public 360°.

Morten Jensen, Product Lead, Public 360°.

10:00 CET
Public 360° integration with Microsoft Teams

Our customer The Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation (Norec) is giving us their story about why you should consider to start using this integration.

NOREC is an executive body under the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. their aim is to help achieve the overarching goals of Norwegian development policy. They are located in Førde, Norway.

10:05 CET
Integrations to simplify your daily work, with Public 360° as your digitalization platform.

Let’s make sure that you get max value out of our integrations with MS Teams, Office 365 , Power Automate and Process Library integrations.

Our team of experts will give you both an overview of how you should look at Public 360° as you digitalization platform and give you practical hands-on scenarios for how to take advantages of some of our common and new integrations, like how to case process and co-write with the Microsoft suite in combination with Public 360°.

10:25 CET
Drammen Municipality - how a concrete process demonstrate public sector efficiency.

Drammen Municipality frees up time for other important tasks with the new integration called 360° Process Library: Startskudd between Public 360° and the Norwegian State Housing Bank. It manages a automatic archiving job during the night, that before could take many hours of manual work.

10:30 CET
Our integration strategy as a platform and the utilization of Process Library

Tomas Mæsel, Product Manager, Public 360° and Bjørn Tore Eriksen, Product Manager, Public 360°

10:45 CET
Cloud, Data Privacy & Schrems II

Our experts give you an GDPR update with reflections from the last 12 months. What now?

Knut Bariås, Compliance Manager Public 360°, Peter Engelschion, Senior Legal Counsel.

11:05 CET
Customers support corner

Did you know that our TietoEVRY service channel is your fast track to support? We give you a practical session that will give you tips to use it and we open up for questions.

Johan Lindberg, Continues Service Manager, Public 360°, Sherry Hochbaum, Continues Service Manager, Public 360° and Anders Flaskerud, Continues Service Manager, Public 360°.

11:28 CET
The Swedish Agency for Press, Radio and Television

Openness and better citizen service to the public with Public 360°

11:30 CET
Key take-aways from Day 1 and your questions will be answered

Stay with us to share highlights of the day!

Together with Torben Kristensen, Head of Public 360° and Morten Jensen, Product Lead, Public 360°

Agenda 24 November

09:00 - 11:00 CET (Breakout sessions starts at 13:00)
09:00 CET
Opening notes

Event host and moderator: Hilde Sandvik, TV host in the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.

09:05 CET
Security is our key priority - how do we make sure that we develop secure code, and how do we ensure secure operations in Cloud?

Kristina Devochko, Lead Software Architect, Public 360°, Kim Hansen, Manager for Operations and Automation, Public 360° and Trond Johansen, Head of Development and Technology, Public 360°.

09:25 CET
The Norwegian TOLL Customs uses 360° Restricted Mode
09:30 CET
Customer driven security development - How Public 360° and Kristiansand municipality has worked together to protect inhabitants' data.

Security tech talk with Kristiansand municipality

Trond Johansen, Head of Development and Technology, Public 360°, Tomas Mæsel, Product Manager, Public 360° togehter with Gete Gavelstad, Head of Archives, from Kristiansand municipality.

09:35 CET
Practical AI. How is AI used in the public sector today? And what can AI do for the users of Public 360°?

Kristian Klaastad, Head of Business Development & Design, TietoEVRY and Sebastian Reichmann, Head of Productization, Data & AI, TietoEVRY

10:03 CET
Lillestrøm municipality AI story
10:05 CET
Future of the archives and archivists. What is next on the topic of archive by design?

Willy Koch, Product Manager, eArchive 360° reflect together with Espen Sjøvoll from the National Archives of Norway.

10:25 CET
eArchive 360° functionality

Willy Koch, Product Manager, eArchive 360°


10:40 CET
Unified Search in and beyond 360°

Easy access to information is fundamental for an efficient organization. TietoEVRY has recently acquired FindWise, a company specializing in search and findability.

Learn how Public 360° is utilizing these capabilities and how you can use this to even better access to your data. We will have a look at both already released functionality and ongoing development work.

Bjorn Tore Eriksen, Lead Product Manager Public 360°, Joakim Wikland, Senior Sales Manager, Findwise.


11:25 CET
Highlight of day 2 and introduce local sessions
10:55 CET
360° Plan & Build talk (NOR)

Plan & Build 360°. This solution is currently availabe in Norway and Sweden. This session will be hosted in Norwegian.

Meet Sturla Arnesen in Orkland municipality that have been using this services for two years and learn more about the benefits they gain from using this solution today.




11:10 CET
Plan & Build 360° product update (NOR)

This session will be hosted in norwegian.

Janiche Eliassen, Senior Area Product Manager, Plan & Build 360°

11:30 CET
Presentations on the main stage ends and we move into local Teams sessions.

Please use the Teams link provided by us in a personal email. Or clik on the Teams link under the country break out session you would like to join.

Country breakout sessions starts at 13:00 CET

13:00 - 14:30 CET Produktutveckling och Plan & Build 360°

Utveckling för den svenska marknaden för Public 360°

Vi berättar om den utveckling vi gjort för den svenska marknaden och vad vi gör. Vi tar upp ny funktionalitet, vår ”Product first” strategi och den svenska molnbaserad lösningen.

Hur användarföreningen och TietoEVRY samarbetar i utvecklingen av Public 360°

Plan & Build 360° - Nya Plan & Bygg för den svenska marknaden

Vi berättar mer om vår nya Plan & Bygg-lösning för den svenska marknaden.

13:00 - 14:00 CET KI og integrasjoner
12:00 - 13:00 EET Integrations with MS Teams and Power Automate
13:00 - 14:00 CET NgDP og 360° Integrationsværktøjskassen

NgDP – Hvordan sender det offentlige digital post efter 30/11?

360° Integrationsværktøjskassen – vær forbundet med omverdenen

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Head of Products & Strategy and Nordic Sales in Public 360°

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23 - 24.11.2021
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