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Launching EqHub New Generation

Tietoevry Create and Offshore Norge Collaborated on Developing a Solution for Oil & Gas Industry - A single-source solution for data delivery.

27 juni 2023

Digitalization represents the new milestone the Energy sector is heading for. It provides a wide range of opportunities for reducing exploration costs, mitigating risks, and enhancing work-process efficiency and documentation management during all stages of energy production. Changing the approach to information and data transfer will help to achieve the strategy of simplifying and streamlining the costly and time-consuming delivery of equipment information across the entire energy industry on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS).

For the last five months, in tight collaboration, Tietoevry Create and Offshore Norge, have developed EqHub New Generation – a cutting-edge solution for managing and sharing standard data and documentation across all operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The solution gives access to quality-assured information when needed and provides a technical information library for products according to national and international standards.

EqHub serves as a central data archive with the main principle of entering the equipment information in the system only ONCE and then REUSE it as many times as needed. Communication and collaboration of operators and companies with suppliers all over the world will be dramatically simplified.

The sustainable approach to product development was the critical success factor for developing EqHub. Tietoevry Create has successfully delivered to Offshore Norge a set of products. EqHub New Generation is an exceptional example of green coding - reusing components and design elements from other solutions.

Utilizing EqHub as a single-source solution for data delivery will save time and resources, enhance work efficiency, mitigate risks, optimize inventories, reduce documentation deliveries, etc.


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For further information, please contact

Tietoevry Create
Jane L. Tjørhom, Customer Executive
Tel: +47 402 49 488


About Offshore Norge

Offshore Norge is an employer and industry organization for companies with activities related to the NCS.

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