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IT Innovation Seminar "DATA LAB AND AI" at Embassy of Finland in Riga

2.11.2023 / Embassy of Finland in Riga
Download the seminar presentation here


Many companies are trying to understand how data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) can provide added value to their business. Our goal in this seminar is to provide even more insight into this topic with the help of industry professionals, user stories, and expert opinions on the present and future of this direction. We have touch on questions, how to work with data, data tools that are part of analytics projects, and what considerations a company should take in mind, when planning such projects.

Data LAB offering

Data Lab - who we are? | Speaker: Aivars Lodiņš, Tietoevry

Tools & processes – how to get the value from data. | Speaker: Aivars Lodiņš, Tietoevry

Success stories:

UPM Self-service analytics & data development. | Speaker: Oskars Kagainis, Tietoevry

PowerData for Tietoevry. | Speaker: Aivars Lodins, Tietoevry

Reporting platform for Linstow Baltic. | Speakers: Oskars Kagainis, Tietoevry and Aiga Brauere (Linstow, Innovation &Technology Director)

Advanced & Scalable Azure Data platform. | Speaker: Andrii Kyslyi, Infopulse Ukraine


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