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Tā kā pasaule strauji mainās, sadarbībā ar partneriem mēs speram soļus, lai izveidotu gudru, ilgtspējīgu un digitālu sabiedrību.

Sustainability is in our core

A sustainable approach is necessary to future-proof our business while ensuring the planet endures for future generations.

Building a sustainable future together

The world is grappling with climate change, resource scarcity, a growing elderly population, increasing urbanisation as well as rising inequalities within and between countries.

Sustainability is both a responsibility and an opportunity for us. We consider the social, environmental and economic aspects of it. We cover not only our operations, services and solutions, but also our partners and suppliers. In our operations, we continuously examine ways to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of our activities. Diversity and equality are high priorities within our company and integral parts of our culture.

The biggest impact of our operations, however, takes place through the use of our services and solutions. By helping our customers implement solutions that minimise environmental impact and create positive socio-economic impacts, we make a real difference.

Ida Bohman Steenberg

Head of Sustainability

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