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App 'Back-to-Office': Secure return to the office after the corona lockdown

This workplace booking app helps to coordinate the office return - for safe distance keeping even in the new, old office routine. Become a reference customer now and get the app!

30 April 2020

Fortunately, the corona infection figures are declining and so the governments announced further relaxation of the initial restrictions. In May and June 2020, if the trend towards containing the number of infections continues to be as good as it has been, not only will restaurants and shops gradually reopen - offices will also become more crowded again with employees and office workers. However, the motto is still: #staysafe


Back to the office - but with minimum distance

In the coming weeks, many workers will be returning to their offices. However, in order to maintain the physical distance to other people during office work, a certain amount of coordination is required. Many employers are therefore pursuing the strategy of having only part of the workforce come into the office each day. But how can this be organised in an uncomplicated and efficient way in larger offices?


Well coordinated is half the battle

TietoEVRY itself has a solution in place that makes the coordination challenge of returning to the office much easier: TietoEVRY's 'Back-to-Office' workstation booking app can help you in the controlled returning process to traditional office operations. After all, the current time is full of challenges anyway, so at least this one can be simplified!


More security for your employees thanks to the 'Back-to-Office' app

The app offers a comfortable and reliable way for your employees to announce whether they need an office space on a certain day. If, for security reasons, you only want to release certain space allotments in your rooms for use - for example, if only 20% of the office space is to be occupied in order to maintain distance - the app serves as a mobile and simple registration system. You can also predefine that only a maximum number of employees per floor or building unit and per day can book a seat.

The purpose is very clear: When the classic office operation is gradually ramped up, the maximum number of employees allowed per room and time period is not exceeded. The minimum distance is maintained and it remains traceable who is in the office and when.


Get the 'Back-to-Office' app

The app is available in both cloud and on-premises versions and can be customized with your individual company logo on request. TietoEVRY's experts will set up the app for you so that it meets your individual requirements and delivers maximum benefit. Do something for the health of your employees, get the app and become a reference customer.


Your local contact in Austria and remote

Contact us today and let us set up the workplace booking app for you! Your contact person is Daniel Freiberger, who can be reached by phone at +43664 841 42 30 or by e-mail. We look forward to supporting you! #staysafe

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