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Payment processor DECTA expands globally with a new payment platform

Time for a new phase of growth by leveraging a modern issuing and acquiring platform

Valdis Janovs

Head of Instant, Retail Payments and Cards

The challenge

DECTA was established by owners of a retail bank to introduce a more agile, fintech-like approach to operations and business development in card issuing, acquiring switching, and payments processing. To do this successfully – a new platform was needed to support the development in a continuous cycle of improved customer services.

The solution

An in-house platform comprising everything from issuing and acquiring, to dispute and fraud management, to P2P payments and tokenization.

About the customer

DECTA is a global processing company, providing integrated payment processing services, online acquiring and payment card issuing. It was established in 2015 by a group of like-minded experts with extensive experience from the banking and IT industries. They believed that new technologies offered new opportunities and so, in the spirit of a fintech, launched the company with the support of an established vendor partner.

More about DECTA, see homepage
Today, DECTA handles over 10 million transactions per month. The company operates with a high availability system


Today, DECTA handles over 10 million transactions per month. The company operates with a high availability system

From single to 32 markets in five years


From single to 32 markets in five years

Supports seamless new service launches

Futureproof platform

Supports seamless new service launches

Payment processor DECTA expands globally with a new payment platform

On-prem platform sets foundation for growth

As DECTA was a newly launched company, complex legacy transitions did not have to be considered. DECTA had a clear roadmap and vision for rapid growth that was reflected in the TietoEVRY Card Payment platform capabilities. Based on DECTA’s requirements, an on-prem solution was deployed, with card issuing, acquiring and switching/clearing services, as a base foundation from which new services could be incorporated.

Shortly after launch, a second deployment phase began which brought additional capabilities to DECTA’s inhouse system. These included dispute management, fraud management, P2P payment, and an e-commerce solution. The ability to develop additional integration component layers and provide customers with API integrations as well as various payment schemes was a key reason for DECTA choosing to partner with TietoEVRY. Other reasons included such things as, system architecture, competitive pricing, platform support services and geographic location.

Tailored solutions for market requirements

The collaboration with DECTA is similar to many of the TietoEVRY partnerships in that a solution is tailored to meet the current requirements and futureproofed based on a long-term collaboration. For an exacmple: a unique front-end e-commerce payment gateway that was developed to manage the high-volume transactions. More recently, high availability, tokenisation and POS acquiring solutions have been developed.

Long-term partnership

Ease of collaboration is also key to this successful long-term partnership. With dedicated account managers from both companies working closely, smooth communication and a rapid response are assured. Tasks and deliveries are also clearly prioritized across multiple projects and deployment and testing meet agreed timelines. This is particularly important for a lean company such as DECTA, where resources have to be allocated to high value-adding tasks and services. A good example of this being documentation. TietoEVRY provides additional documents to DECTA to support them in their communication with customers that use DECTA’s 3rd party technical payment card processing services. TietoEVRY also supports DECTA with a range of technical and business-oriented services including:

  • Back-end support, ensuring global service rollouts are smooth and easily scale
  • License management and volume extensions
  • Technical and performance audits
  • Staff training
  • Business analytics support and consulting to support business growth

With a presence in 30 plus countries on three continents, over 40,000 issued cards and payments transactions totalling more than 8 million per month, the future is bright for DECTA customers.

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