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Hydrocarbon Management

From delivering regional production-based solutions in the North Sea to providing complete business solutions, Energy Components (EC) has developed into an end-to-end hydrocarbon management solution

Derive increased value from data.

Energy Components (EC) has been Tieto’s flagship solution for production reporting, allocation and hydrocarbon accounting, for more than three decades. Accumulating a widespread experience over the years, EC has evolved extensively as more knowledge has been captured and new functional areas have been added to the product suite.

Aksel Harstad

Director of Sales, Oil & Gas Solutions

In the spotlight

TietoEVRY to divest its Oil & Gas software business

Through this transaction, the Oil & Gas software business will have greater global market reach and growth opportunities.

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Leading hydrocarbon accounting software in IDC MarketScape

IDC Energy Insights analysed the hydrocarbon accounting software solutions available on the market and found ours the leader.

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50 deployed Self-Service Check-In kiosks

Deployment of 11 new self-service check-in kiosks means surpassing our milestone of 50 operating kiosks.

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Tieto acquires Petrostreamz

Acquisition of Petrostreamz strengthens position in upstream business.

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Energy Components

Hydrocarbon Management

Download the Brochure and find out how leading oil and gas companies are staying ahead of the competition by utilizing TietoEVRY's industry-leading Hydrocarbon Management Solutions.

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Key features

Hydrocarbon Accounting

Providing a solution that keeps track of volumes, ownership, quality, commercial agreements and sales associated with the production of Oil and Gas. This is achieved through an end-to-end integration with the EC modules for hydrocarbon accounting, together they cover the whole value chain

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EC Upstream Management

EC Upstream Management helps upstream businesses gain invaluable insight from data, already existing in the EC ecosystem, enabling opportunities for increased asset profitability to be identified and assessed. The module supports oil and gas companies to increase production from day-to-day operations and provides increased confidence for future operational and investment decisions to maximize revenue potential

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EC Cargo Management

Portfolio Offtake Planning, Portfolio Feed Gas Planning, Terminal Optimization, Shipping Optimization.

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EC Pipeline Management

Pipeline Dispatch Optimization, Grid Constrain Management, Curtailment Decisions, Pipeline Routing Optimization.

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EC Integrated Asset Modeling

Energy Components Integrated Asset Modeling (EC IAM) solution allows for accurate molecular tracking, consistent well performance evaluation and provides accurate input to reservoir simulation history matching.

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EC Chemistry

The solution is cost-effective chemical treatments aided by smart management of chemical cost, usage and performance. Automate and simplify time-consuming data processes, extract more valuable information for effective decision making, and optimize operational processes at a lower cost

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