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Building digital forerunners of the modern construction industry

We are here to support your business transformation with our more than 40 years of experience moving with the times.

The new digital era of construction

In the future construction operations are highly focused, coordinated and optimized to find cost efficiency and a faster clock speed to build. The value of specialization, branding and customer intimacy will increase as the industry is transforming to models utilizing centralized production capabilities.

It is predicted we will see a fundamental change in the way how construction operations are planned, produced and managed. At the same time there is an increasing demand of digital enablers for smart housing, advanced building management and higher emphasis on sustainable construction. Technology will have a key role in enabling the modern and digitalized construction business.

Jani Heinonen

Senior Customer Manager

In the spotlight

The construction industry is under pressure to increase productivity and to establish more sustainable operations

The Cognitive Enterprise will support the shift by its human-centric apporach and digital roadmap addressing your most important challenges.

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