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Oliver Rosvall: "It's inspiring to know that what I do indirectly impacts people's lives"

The full stack developer Oliver has found his dream job, partly because he feels that his work contributes to improving lives.

Oliver Rosvall / October 24, 2023
Be where good begins

Oliver’s studies started at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, with a semester at the University of Texas. Unbeknown to him at the time, he already met his future employer through a side project.

He worked with the Head of Sales at Tietoevry. After a short stint at a local agency in Uppsala, he made the move to Tietoevry.

- Choosing Tietoevry was easy, seeing that I had a great impression of them. They gave me the opportunity to work on a big HR project in the public sector, which I found very compelling.

Oliver started full time with development of the web interface, both frontend and backend. The mission was clear.

- Our unit works with a product called ”Primula”, which is an administrative HR system for the Swedish government, universities, and colleges. We’re 35 on the team, with 12 on support, 19 on development and four working with clients. I’m with the developers, where we are split in three scrum teams, one for web services, one for payroll and one for the old on-prem system.

Oliver admits that the project is way more interesting than it sounds.

- The system is big and complex and needs continuous development, with adaptations to new rules, regulations and client demands. I spend a fair share of my time re-writing code, where we’re independent as teams, but also work closely with the other scrum teams and the support function.

Oliver was particularly proud this spring when they deployed a new, re-written module for payroll.

- When we received positive feedback from the client, the long months of hard work was worth it.

There are two dimensions of the project that Oliver finds the most important: Modernization and meaning.

- Our clients have a long history, and we always develop for the future. The challenge is that the systems must work 24/7, also when we deploy new features. It’s both complicated and fun. It’s rewarding to know that we’re developing a system for thousands of Swedes. It’s inspiring that I have an impact and indirectly influence peoples’ lives. ”Reinvent the world for good” as we say here at Tietoevry, is very real to me.


105 people work at the Tietoevry Uppsala office, and to Oliver that’s an ideal number of colleagues. Big enough to surround yourself with the competence you need, and small enough to know everyone.

- We have after works, lunches, we work out together and meet up now and then in various settings – based on whatever interest you have. I have started playing padel with a colleague. We are dedicated to creating a great company culture, and together with our daily work and projects we create strong bonds between us.

At Tietoevry, hybrid work is the norm, and it is up to each team to set up its own structure. Oliver enjoys the variation but finds it very nice to be able to dive into the office and meet and ask people questions. In the office, he gets a sense of team spirit and social interaction, while at home, he can focus better.

- Our culture is very open, you are given freedom and responsibility. There’s little hierarchy and you can air just about anything; management will listen, and act. Our managing director Kimmo came personally to greet me during my first days – that impressed me.

Oliver has more positive input about the management team:

- I’m given autonomy and I can influence my own development. This spring I was certified as a Scrum Master because I showed interest. There are few limits to what technical competence we need in this project, so there’s lot’s the learn. You never know, I might be in this project in 20 years, because I feel I can learn constantly.

Oliver enjoys the fact that Tietoevry is big, safe and has a long-term perspective. With 24 000 employees the options are near limitless.

- If you’re curious about the IT industry, eager to learn and see the bigger picture of how IT influences society, then Tietoevry is the place to be. You’ll have resources at your disposal, so many paths to explore. Take our graduate program, which is exceptional. If you want to pursue a corporate career or work on small scale projects, that’s up to you. You’ll have the whole smorgasbord in front of you.



Oliver Rosvall
Full-stack Developer

Age: 24
Location: Uppsala, Sweden
Hired since: 2022
Education: Bachelor in Engineering, KTH/University of Texas at Austin

Fun fact: "I'm a big golf geek, have been playing since I was 8 years old. On a good day I play under HCP 5, but not all days are good days…"


Oliver Rosvall

Full-stack Developer

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