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Give life to your inner Transformer!

Do you want to be part of shaping the future of Nordic societies and enterprises? Be the merging force between technology and humanity. New version of your career, now downloadable in Transformers hub.

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We are builders of digital futures

At Tietoevry Tech Services, we level-up the Nordic quality of life through transformational technology to spend more time with loved ones. We do this by innovating, implementing and automating new data driven digitalized solutions.

Instead of maintaining the status quo, we enable long lasting digital transformation to ensure our customers fulfil their mission and succeed in serving society, now and in the future. We design, build and operate modern cloud-based data management and software solutions by creating data strategies, designing overall IT landscape architecture and assessing as well as developing data and software related capabilities. Our deep customer industry knowledge and varied technological expertise powers end-to-end data solutions and digital transformation.

We believe in a lean way of working, empowered global teams, happy people and growth on professional and personal level.



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Some of our recent new projects

Data-driven business

Accelerating Aker BP’s transformation to a fully data-driven E&P company

Read more


Transformation of Telia's mission-critical finance engine supporting 600,000 customers in the Nordics

Read more

Strategic partnerships

20221122_Tietoevry0849 (pieni).jpg
Purposeful tech for the benefit of Södra's forest owners

Read more

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Software developers

IFS Software developer, Sweden, multiple locations, hybrid 

Penetration Tester, Sweden, multiple locations, hybrid 

Full Stack -developer, Finland, Oulu, hybrid

Project manager, Norway, Trondheim, hybrid

Cloud and Security


OT/VmWare/Firewall consultant, Norway, Fornebu, Norway

IAM Consultant/Developer, Sweden, multiple locations, hybrid

Security Lead, Norway, multiple locations, hybrid

Teknisk Specialist, Sweden, Stockholm or Malmö, hybrid

IAM Consultant/Developer, Norway, multiple locations, hybrid

Security Manager, Sweden, Malmö, hybrid

Security Managers, Sweden, Stockholm, hybrid

Cybersecurity Advisor with a focus on vulnerability management, Sweden, multiple locations, hybrid

Database Specialist, MSSQL, Finland, Espoo, Tampere, hybrid

Security Manager, Sweden, Malmö, hybrid


Data & AI roles

Integration developer / architect, Finland, multiple locations, hybrid

(Senior) Data Engineer, Finland, multiple locations, hybrid

(Senior) Data Architect, Finland, multiple locations, hybrid

Senior Data Consultant / Advisor, Finland, multiple locations, hybrid

ESG Data Advisor, Finland, multible locations, hybrid

Service desk


Delivery Lead, Sweden, Örebro, hybrid

Servicedesk Support Specialist, Sweden, Stockholm, hybrid

Service desk personnel, Sweden, Östersund, hybrid


Business/Solution consultants

IFS Business Consultant, Sweden, multiple locations, hybrid

IFS Project Manager, Sweden, multiple locations, hybrid

SAP Senior Integration Consultant, Finland, multiple locations, hybrid

Oracle NetSuite Business Consultant, Sweden, Malmö, hybrid

Consultant Manager Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sweden, Stockholm or Skellefteå, hybrid

SAP PP Lead Consultant, Finland, multiple locations, hybrid

SAP S/4 Lead Consultant, Order To Cash, Finland, multiple locations, hybrid

Exciting leadership role, in one of the largest ERP environments in Norway, Norway, multiple locations, hybrid

Didn't find your match?

Don't worry!

Come back to this site later, we add new Transformers positions almost every week. 

 You can also find other possibilities within Tietoevry below:

Tietoevry Careers

Are you ready for some Good Code?

Our people

Ruchi, Senior Cloud Architect


Pushing the envelope for generative AI

In parallel to her work on data architecture and cloud-based data solutions, Ruchi has delved into the world of generative AI. Learn more about some of the interesting cases she has been involved with.

Marcus, Lead Technical Specialist


API integration – the key to happy cities and happy people

As a child, Marcus dreamt of becoming a world-class downhill skier. Now Marcus finds joy in his work at Tietoevry, as he is providing a smooth integration service for millions of people. Read more

Magdalena, SW Developer

Magdalena Salvén_web.jpg

A career change: from social worker to IT developer

Magdalena Salvén took a two-year course in web programming at Linnaeus University and then became a developer at Tietoevry. Today, she is really thriving at Kalmar Strait. Read more

Mikko, Digi & DevOps


“If it ain't broke, don’t fix it”. This mindset is detrimental to a DevOps way of working

Without continuous improvement, software decays. But continuous improvement is easier said than done if your software maintenance team lacks certain insights and capabilities. When you don’t understand what you don’t know, how can anyone assume that you would be able to fix it? Read more

Rakesh, API and Integrations 


At Tietoevry, the only thing required is a hunger to learn

One thing I have learned in my 11-and-a-half years here – if you are ready to accept the challenge and take new responsibilities, then the possibilities are endless. Read more

David, Senior AI and Data Scientist


Data Scientist creating trust in AI-based industrial intelligent systems

David is passionate about AI, Data Science, and data-driven processes to ease business transformation. In this blog post, he elaborates on the findings he made when participating in Europe’s largest joint effort on Artificial Intelligence of Things, the InSecTT consortium project. Read more

Snowflake Data Hero

Meet Snowflake Data Hero: Tomáš Sobotík

Snowflake is streaming interviews with Data Heroes from Las Vegas in Snowflake Summit. Meet , Lead Data Engineer and Architect, working with Data & AI in Tietoevry Tech Services. 

Watch the video to learn how Data Heroes use their superpowers to drive datadriven digital transformation. 

Link to YouTube


With Data Insiders Podcast you stay at the forefront of the data revolution!

The Data Insiders podcast addresses the trends and phenomena around this hot topic in an understandable and interesting way. Together with our guests, we share knowledge, offer collegial support and reveal the truth behind hype and buzzwords.

Presented by Tietoevry, with Thomas Kirk as your host.
Listen and follow on Spotify.

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