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We are builders of digital futures

At Tietoevry Transform, we level-up the Nordic quality of life through transformational technology to spend more time with loved ones. We do this by innovating, implementing and automating new data driven digitalized solutions.

Instead of maintaining the status quo, we enable long lasting digital transformation to ensure our customers fulfil their mission and succeed in serving society, now and in the future. We design, build and operate modern cloud-based data management and software solutions by creating data strategies, designing overall IT landscape architecture and assessing as well as developing data and software related capabilities. Our deep customer industry knowledge and varied technological expertise powers end-to-end data solutions and digital transformation.

We believe in a lean way of working, empowered global teams, happy people and growth on professional and personal level.



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AI-driven industrial automation

We are the first in the Nordics with Microsoft for the delivery of Artificial Intelligence (AI) -powered solutions for autonomous industrial control systems based on Microsoft’s Project Bonsai low-code Platform.

Project Bonsai is a low code AI development platform that speeds up the creation of AI-powered automation processes to improve production efficiency and reduce downtime. The partnership will help the industry to capture the benefits of AI-driven automation and gives our people possibility to learn and work with a low code AI development platform that turns automated systems to truly autonomous ones. Be on top of the newest market innovations!


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