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Are you ready for some Good Code?

Coding is not only a profession, it’s a hobby, lifestyle and above all; a community. Coding is also an art form, and as any other art form, you strive for perfecting your expression. Let your expression serve humanity. Let it be Good Code. Join us and express yourself.

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We believe in Good Code

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Speaking of Good Code. Did you know?

  • We are #1 in Healthcare in the Nordics for IT, software and digitalization services
  • We serve 97%+ of all municipalities in the Nordics
  • Our goal is to have a gender balanced workforce by 2030
  • We monitor 300,000 transactions for financial crime every hour
  • We are 24,000 professionals serving customers in over 90 countries

What does Good Code mean to us?

The digital twin of bullying

Every year, 60 000 children are exposed to bullying in Swedish schools, and as more time is spent online, the exposure has increased. The aim of the project “The digital twin of bullying” is to reduce bullying and mental illness for children in school by using the latest technology in data collection and artificial intelligence. That's Good Code.

Learn more here (English)

Learn more here (Swedish) 

Traffic safety

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The City of Tampere and Tietoevry implemented a pilot solution to improve pedestrian traffic safety. The solution can automatically detect when a pedestrian is planning to cross the street at an intersection. Advanced AI, IoT and V2X communications enable alerting approaching cars. That's Good Code.

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The inclusive e-krona

Given a thoughtful design, a CBDC may provide central banks and citizens alike with more control, increase inclusiveness and provide a society with a resilient and environmentally efficient digital version of central bank money to supplement cash. That's Good Code.

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Meet our people


"The project I'm working in aims to investigate and map social behaviour relating to bullying in schools, and to use technology and artificial intelligence to simulate situations using “digital twins” in order to be able to predict and prevent bullying."

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"As I see it, carrying the torch of humanity both in customer cases and in building our company culture is the task of Tietoevry’s CX professionals. This makes me feel both humble and proud – being “people first” means that we make meaningful products and services."

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“I like solving problems using technology. When we work on a project, we collaborate with our customers to find out which problems need to be solved. It could be that customer service tells us what customers say every day, or that we shadow a person to gain insight into how the service works in reality.”

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Why choose us?

Experience local speed & global muscles

We have the muscles powering large scale engagements, but with speed and specialisation needed for surgical solutions on a local level. This gives you a dynamic work environment with new experiences in every step of your journey.

Develop through learning communities

One key element of our Keep Learning culture is social learning, which allows us to learn from each other and grow together. That's why we have the Learning Communities. They represent the competence areas in which we need to collaborate and learn new skills.

Make an actual impact on society

We create the solutions that have an actual impact on how society functions by enabling technology to include and empower every citizen. While we might not be saving the world, we are making a better one – and you can as well.

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