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Szymon Markiewicz: Professional skills and personal passions intertwined

For Szymon, being a C++ software engineer and an OPO is just the beginning! After hours, he immerses himself in his passion project: his “smart home+” YouTube channel

Joanna Stypula / maja 14, 2024

Szymon Markiewicz: Professional skills and personal passions intertwined

For Szymon, being a C++ software engineer and an Operational Product Owner is just the beginning! While others may clock out after hours, he immerses himself in his passion project: his “smart home+” YouTube channel, Inżynier Domu (Home Engineer). This dynamic interplay between his professional and personal pursuits enriches both facets of his life.

Szymon dove into his first job right after technical school while also pursuing part-time studies in electrical engineering. This early exposure acquainted him with the intricacies of working with electricity, various tools, and technicalities of the physical world, laying a solid foundation for his future endeavours. However, he soon realized that the nature of the work didn't quite align with his passions. He craved something more mentally stimulating, a field where he could apply logic, unleashing his creativity at the same time. Thus, the idea of becoming a programmer began to take shape.

Building upon the skills acquired early in his career, Szymon transitioned into embedded programming, a path that demanded extensive self-study and dedication. This journey eventually led him to his current roles as a C++ programmer at TietoEVRY and, more recently, as an Operational Product Owner for a leading client in the telecommunications industry.

Throughout this evolution, he embarked on a continuous learning journey, driven by his insatiable curiosity and fueled by practical examples and case studies found in the limitless resources on the internet. His longstanding interest in technology, coupled with a knack for programming basics and hands-on experience, naturally steered him towards areas of smart home technology and the Internet of Things.

Fostering growth through shared expertise

Eager to give back to the community and share his newfound knowledge, Szymon launched the Home Engineer blog, a platform where he documented his learning projects and insights. To his surprise, the blog swiftly gained momentum, attracting collaborations with major electronics retailers, opportunities to organize workshops and programming events, and connections with like-minded individuals on social media. This platform not only accelerated his personal growth but also served as a springboard for his professional development.

Today, as he navigates the dynamic landscape of programming, he continues to share his expertise through various channels, including his blog, YouTube channel, and Instagram. Drawing inspiration from his day-to-day work, he explores topics ranging from embedded systems to operational product management, enriching both his own understanding and that of his audience.

Szymon emphasizes that the synergy works both ways. "In my new role as OPO, the skills from my blogging experience proved invaluable," he explains. "From collaborating with companies and organizing events to meticulously documenting tasks and planning future endeavors, my blogging background has been instrumental. Additionally, some of my personal projects have been adopted by others, essentially making me my own OPO. Now, I'm leveraging this knowledge to better understand the needs of my clients, which I believe will enhance my performance on the blog and beyond. This intertwining of activities outside of work and work itself certainly provides additional fulfilment from the work I do.”

At TietoEVRY, he finds the perfect environment to nurture his skills and passions. From leading technological workshops to engaging with students in schools, he cherishes the opportunities to inspire others and foster a culture of learning. Surrounded by supportive colleagues and fuelled by his innate drive, he remains deeply committed to his work and the community he serves.


Joanna Stypula
Senior HR Specialist

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