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Career stories: Tomasz Szczęsny

The line manager at Tietoevry Create, with a wealth of 13 years' experience in team & project management

Joanna Stypula / kwietnia 18, 2024

Tomasz take on team and project management is not just insightful but also refreshingly innovative.

His journey with the Tietoevry family began when he joined Findwise. Following mergers with Evry and later with Tieto in 2021, Findwise became an integral unit within the newly formed Tietoevry. Initially serving as a Project Manager, Tomasz assumed the responsibility of overseeing consulting projects. Simultaneously, in his role as a Production Manager, his primary objective revolved around fostering seamless connections between individuals and projects.

"The role of a project manager has transcended mere expertise in project management over the years, driven by the dynamic shifts within the market landscape. The pervasive influence of information technologies across various facets of our lives has rendered projects increasingly diverse. Consequently, there's a growing need for specialization in project management, tailored to specific project types and tasks. This evolution underscores the emergence of a broader spectrum of sought-after competencies, including adeptness in managing multicultural, distributed, and diverse teams, swift adaptation to changes, and proficient utilization of tools, including cutting-edge AI technologies."

For Tomasz, honing these competencies extends beyond the confines of daily programming tasks. His personal passions have significantly shaped his career trajectory, influencing the projects he's pursued and the challenges he's embraced. As a distinguished gold and bronze medalist in the Polish junior handball championships and an accomplished sailor navigating the waters of the Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Baltic Seas, Tomasz's inherent courage and affinity for overcoming hurdles have been nurtured through sports.

"Both sailing and handball have been my lifelong passions, and have though me invaluable lessons in teamwork, perseverance, leadership, and responsibility. My fervent passion for travel mirrors my insatiable curiosity about the world, propelling me to pursue my dreams and embark on new adventures. Personal growth, enhanced decision-making prowess, and refined social interaction skills are byproducts of the immersion in diverse cultures and interactions with people from varying backgrounds."

Similarly, within a professional setting, collaborative endeavors with individuals hailing from diverse backgrounds serve as catalysts for enhancing social skills and teamwork proficiency. Moreover, confronting challenges within novel environments fosters the development of robust problem-solving capabilities. For Tomasz, the opportunity to collaborate with multi-generational teams within a global and multicultural organizational setting is both captivating and conducive to continuous personal and professional growth.

"My main objective is to achieve a harmonious balance between my personal development, the growth trajectory of my team members, and the advancement of the entire organization.” To achieve this, he emphasizes three pivotal aspects: staying attuned to industry trends, actively listening to the voices of his team, and attentively addressing the evolving needs of the company’s customers. It's only through the fulfilment of these three tenets that a thriving, progressive work environment can be cultivated.

The distinction between happiness and satisfaction

“One of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned is the importance of prioritizing the happiness of the team. Understanding this crucial factor allows me to better discern the needs of our team members and respond effectively – hence, the implementation of a biweekly survey to gauge employee happiness levels. This practice holds particular significance in today's era of remote work, where fostering a sense of happiness and fulfilment is increasingly vital.” Tomasz emphasises that “happy” is not equivalent to “satisfied”. It's essential to note that while one may feel satisfied with hard-earned achievements, true happiness encompasses a deeper sense of joy and fulfilment, guarding against burnout in the long run.

"At the onset of my career, satisfaction stemmed primarily from the successful implementation of my own ideas. However, with time, my perspective on satisfaction has broadened. It now encompasses various elements, from recognizing commendable work and overcoming challenges, to fostering a positive atmosphere and finding fulfilment through collaboration with colleagues.”

Ultimately, achieving a sense of balance between personal and professional life is paramount. Tomasz underscores three key facets crucial to achieving this equilibrium. Firstly, discerning between diligent work and striving for perfection is essential. Secondly, honing effective time-management skills can be truly transformative. Lastly, embracing personal hobbies provides a vital avenue for maintaining harmony between work and life. Indeed, the support of one's organization in acknowledging and fostering this balance is invaluable. Tomasz joyfully acknowledges that Tietoevry exemplifies such understanding and support.

Embedding corporate values into everyday work

Tomasz highlights "trust" and "openness" as his cherished values at Tietoevry, actively weaving them into his daily practices.

"I firmly believe these values underpin our daily interactions, not only within our organization but also in our collaborations with customers and partners. Moreover, our strong Nordic heritage imbues our identity, rendering us a distinctive and resilient entity."

Furthermore, Tomasz underscores the pivotal role of effective communication in organizational success. He emphasizes its necessity across all levels, fostering cohesion among project teams and the wider organization alike.

In summarizing his managerial insights, Tomasz offers four key principles gleaned from over 13 years of professional experience: nurturing a positive and supportive work environment, setting clear and achievable goals, celebrating incremental victories, and never underestimating the power of a simple "thank you".

Joanna Stypula
Senior HR Specialist

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