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Career stories: Katarzyna Nowińska

Constantly Evolving and Aiming Higher - get to know her story!

Joanna Stypula / kwietnia 17, 2024

Transitioning from microscopes and Petri dishes to files and STP’s? After three years at Tietoevry, Katarzyna is immensely proud of her decision.

With a Master of Science in Food Technology and Human Nutrition, specializing in food microbiology, Katarzyna – Kasia for her colleagues – worked as a laboratory analyst in a microbiological lab. Upon preparing to return from maternity leave, she opted for a significant career change. Devoting months to intensive learning, she acquired new skills to become a software tester.


"I gained knowledge in testing, basics of programming, and using various tools. After nearly a year of study, I felt ready to enter the IT field. I applied to Tietoevry, enticed by the development opportunities and an intriguing job offer."

Kasia acknowledges that, as a young mother, the stability offered by Tietoevry, a large international company involved in diverse long-term projects, is reassuring. Additionally, as a junior professional still exploring her path, the prospect of migrating between projects within the same company was truly alluring.

As a junior test engineer, she was engaged in various tasks including repository management, supervision, troubleshooting, simulator recovery, test running and modification, branch creation, and report/document/instruction creation. Her recent promotion to software engineer shifted her focus primarily to STP’s – machines simulating network environments. Finally, she feels at home!

"This is where I excel. I handle complex file configuration changes and standardization, solving diverse machine-related issues. Most tasks are unique, making work non-monotonous. Each successful test after configuration changes is immensely satisfying. Becoming a technical expert in machine configuration and standardization is my goal."

Collaboration and effective time management are key aspects

Katarzyna's main project involves Continuous Integration, where tests on developer environments are conducted using network environment simulators under her purview. Drawing on her microbiological background, she compares the project to a spider's web, where one action affects the others, emphasizing the importance of teamwork.

"Being part of an international team boosts my self-confidence. We support and learn from each other, and working on an international project allows me to improve my English."

Currently, Kasia focuses on developing additional technical skills, praising her team's comprehansion and support for her extracurricular commitments. Consequently, she strives to embody these qualities for her fellow team members.

Another lesson Katarzyna gleaned from her teamwork is enhanced time management. "I've learned to better organize my work schedule to consistently meet project deadlines without impeding my team's progress," she reflects. Interestingly, this skill spill over into achieving a more harmonious work-life balance. "It's crucial not to overinvest time in professional matters. In the long run, nobody at work will remember every accomplishment, but my children will always cherish the moments I spent with them," she notes. This approach ensures that her professional commitments don't encroach on her personal life. Despite her busy schedule, she still carves out time to indulge in her passions: horse riding, rollerblading, and cycling.

Seeing the purpose of your job

Kasia strongly advocates for ongoing professional development and shares this belief with her colleagues, aiming to inspire them. "To me, job satisfaction and opportunities for growth are paramount. Continuously challenging oneself with new tasks fosters skill development. Sticking to the same routine would only hinder progress – and that's something we can't afford!" she asserts proudly.


Joanna Stypula
Senior HR Specialist

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