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Next-generation card and payment processing platform supports the international growth of leading bank

TietoEVRY solution replaces 20 year old legacy solution in a single platform for the consolidation of services.

Petri Syvänne

Head of Global Sales, Payment Solutions

The challenge

Replace 20 year old inhouse legacy system with a new card and processing solution that will meet the needs of the bankcontinued international expansion moving forward. 

The solution

The TietoEVRY next-generation card and processing platform promotes new customer-centric innovationsmeets strict regulatory requirements and is highly scalable. 

About the customer

The well-established banking group is active in over ten countries and is expanding its international operations through acquisitions and organic growth. 

Agile approach enables rapid testing and rollout of new innovative services

Fast time to market

Agile approach enables rapid testing and rollout of new innovative services

Single platform supports consolidation of services across the group.

Single unified platform

Single platform supports consolidation of services across the group.

Facilitates and supports growing transaction volumes

Scalable solution

Facilitates and supports growing transaction volumes

The legacy dilemma 

With a number of successful acquisitions completed, the bank’s card issuing and payment processing had grown from one legacy system to a web of legacy systems. This made it challenging to take full advantage of economies of scale. Consolidation was necessary across the group’s IT platform. Additionally, with an aging system – dating back almost 20 years – maintenance and operational costs were high, and it wasn’t possible to fully utilize new technologies and smart analytics tools in order to explore exciting digital opportunities. 

Solving requirements 

As a leading supplier of card and payment processing solutions, which can be deployed in a private or public cloud or on-premises, TietoEVRY was charged with identifying the optimal solution for the client’s needs. The customer had a number of requirements that had to be considered, including:

  • seamless integration with elements of existing systems 
  • export to the accounting system according to the banks accounting plan 
  • minimal disruption to services during installation and migration 
  • support for 3DS v1 and v2  
  • fraud management 
  • reporting to local (central bank) rules 
  • support training of inhouse team  
  • Local language character support 

Deployment Roadmap 

Following an extensive pre-study of the existing system, a deployment roadmap for the TietoEVRY card and processing platform was developedThis included plans for the iterative rollout of a tailored version of the platform and training of staff. Stepwise implementation allows for a more agile working method which supports fast testing and feedback loops, as well as requirement changes throughout delivery.  

Smoother card operations 

Now that the platform is successfully deployed, TietoEVRY is responsible for back-office card and payment processing operations. The bank has seen a reduction in maintenance and operating costs, and new services can be tested and launched to market much fasterThe headache of keeping up with ever changing regulations is also now a thing of the past as updates are handled directly in the system.  

Ultimately, end customers receive better services and the bank can continue its expansion strategy knowing that any new acquisitions can be transitioned into the platform. 


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