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BPO achieves service expansion and transaction growth with Tietoevry card platform

Fully integrated card and processing solution from Tietoevry enables a rich service offering, faster time to market and lowers operating costs

Valdis Janovs

Head of Instant, Retail Payments and Cards

The challenge

Take payment services to the next level to speed-up time to market with a rich service offeringsafeguard the existing customer base, and facilitate expansion into new markets. 

The solution

A fully-integrated Tietoevry card payment processing, loan and e-commerce solution provides a secure and scalable offering across a pan-European market. 

About the customer

The Business Process Outsourcing company has a large customer base throughout Europe where it handles close to 40 million transactions a month. 

One platform for all services ensures smooth operations

Integrated solution

One platform for all services ensures smooth operations

Modern system supports rapid test and rollout of new services

Fast time to market

Modern system supports rapid test and rollout of new services

Wide range of services can be packaged to meet market needs.

Rich & flexible service

Wide range of services can be packaged to meet market needs.

Successful market growth 

The BPO is a well-respected player in the financial industry over the past 25+ years and  it has utilized Tietoevry card and payment solutions growing steadily to serve over 23 financial institutions, 15 e-commerce providers and around 30,000 merchants. This includes issuing about 190,000 credit and debit cards and supporting over 25,000 Points of Sale and 52800 ATMs. 

Growth facilitating transition 

To continue to grow its European footprint and offer clients market-leading services, the BPO wanted to transition to a fully-integrated TietoEVRY platform. Consolidation of services on a single platform lowers the cost of ownership and enables new services to be launched faster, thus generating new revenue streams. The renewed platform also supports a more agile approach to development, maintenance, testing and deployment, which, through iterative and regular releases, delivers smooth services and ensures operations are up to date with regulations and industry mandates. 

Fully integrated system  

The pre-study and  migration process could be carried out quickly and efficiently thanks to the long-term customer relationship and an extensive knowledge of the BPO’s existing systemsThe BPO can easily connect other Tietovry modular solutions into its service offering. For instance, loans are now issued via the TietoEVRY platform – to date the BPO has issued 65,000 loans. Other benefits from the on-premises solution include: 

  • A dynamic, pan-European E-commerce solution platform with 3D v2 security  
  • Issuing solution for cards (debit, credit, prepaid, virtual), loans and deposits. 
  • Acquiring solution for processing and business development for merchants and payment providers   
  • Web services for retrieving and managing data  
  • Electronic bill payment and presentment (EBPP) solutions for building different complex payments solutions, such as recurring payments, P2P, cash2card among others  
  • POS and ATM interfaces  
  • 99,9% business continuity/system availability  
  • Regular staff training 
  • License management 

 Millions of transactions a day 

The successful deployment and launch of the card and processing platform has not only led to new services being rolled out much quicker but also an increase in the number of transactions. Currently, the BPO handles millions of transactions a day 


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