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Södra BizTalk handles 70,000 messages every day

Daniel Wilén

Integrations Manager, Forest Consulting

Södra’s BizTalk is the communication hub between Södra’s operational, financial and production systems. In total, more than 50 systems are connected, and Södra’s BizTalk ensures that the systems send and receive the right information in the right format.

The challenge

One of the most central requirements for Södra’s IT environment is that the group-level integration solution (Södra BizTalk), based on Microsoft BizTalk Server, is managed and works effectively.

“With so many connected systems, and with a large number of maintenance organisations and IT providers involved, it is obviously a great challenge to ensure that everything works. If, for example, changes occur in one system, it will affect several others”, says Ulrik Mannesson, Tieto.

The solution

Tieto has an integration team dedicated to managing and developing Södra’s BizTalk on a daily basis. An agreement is signed that ensures accessibility, security and continuity. Issues are prioritised and managed in a structured manner according to three different service levels with a response time between 4 and 24 hours.

Important tasks for the maintenance team are to constantly handle the changes that take place in existing systems, as well as implement new systems. Thanks to the BizTalk solution, Tieto’s team can ensure that the new systems get the data they need from other systems in the right format.

The result

Each month, BizTalk handles approximately 1.6 million messages between the different applications in the Södra IT environment. This corresponds to almost 70,000 messages every day, which requires well-organised and functional maintenance.

For Södra, the structured maintenance setup handled by Tieto resulted in quick handling of issues, excellent overview and follow-up.

“We have much better control and can monitor both cost and functionality. We get regular reports on how the integrations are operating and have a routine for raising and resolving repeating issues”, says Markus Andersson, Södra.

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