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Helene Risti Bergaas: From graduate to Vice President, Market Unit Norway

Helene’s journey at Tietoevry Create is a testament to her talent and dedication. Her leadership and passion are inspiring!

Helene Risti Bergaas / June 19, 2024
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Helene joined Tietoevry as a graduate back in 2012, and she says she has never had a single boring day at work since then!

She started her career within our Sales and Marketing team in Bergen and very soon became responsible for organizing some of our larger customer and partner events in Norway. She quickly realized that she wanted to be hands-on in our development projects and soon started leading some of our most innovative and cutting-edge projects within AR and VR. She was recognized as a talented project manager, and at the age of 26, she was leading some of our largest development projects globally, being in charge of teams in Norway, Sweden, and India.

Helene’s track record is impressive. She has been a leader in areas ranging from Design, Software Engineering, and DevOps to Cloud. Going forward, she will focus her time on bringing the full range of services and capabilities of Tietoevry Create to the Norwegian market.

- What I really love about working at Tietoevry Create is the opportunity to constantly learn and influence what I want to do. Over the past few years, I have been taking on bigger leadership roles almost every year, and the autonomy, support, and trust I’ve got from my leadership team is truly remarkable, shares Helene.

- For me, it has always been important to be challenged, and I believe that the key to success is to work hard and smart, to continuously learn and to build a strong team with a fantastic team spirit, shares Helene.

Great development opportunities

Helene met the love of her life in Tietoevry, and they now have two children. Impressively, she made significant career leaps both times she was on maternity leave.

- I think that says a lot about our company. I made my biggest career jumps while on maternity leave. Even though I was not at the office for some time, I was still very much involved and given new opportunities. I am proud to work for a company that has such a strong focus on inclusion and clear diversity goals, says Helene.

- I have never ticked all the boxes required for the leadership positions I have entered, but still, it has worked out well. The most important part is to grow into your new role and focus on constantly learning and setting clear goals and ambitions for your team and yourself. It is also important to boost your own confidence from time to time and always believe in your own abilities, reveals Helene.

In April, she returned from maternity leave and stepped right into her new role as Vice President, Market Unit Norway.

- This is a role I am very motivated for. I am eager to build a fantastic Market team in Norway where we work closely together with our customers to bring new technologies to the market and help our customers to be at the forefront of digital solutions and experiences,” she explains.


Helene Risti Bergaas
Vice President, Market Unit Norway


Helene Risti Bergaas

Vice President, Market Unit Norway

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