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Roman Simecek: From Developer to Solution Consultant

Roman’s career at Tietoevry can be described as a combination of big changes and valuable stability.

Roman Simecek / September 21, 2023
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Roman started his career at Tietoevry as a developer at the Ostrava office in the Czech Republic some 16-17 years ago.

- I’m not quite sure how long ago it was to be honest, I’m not counting. I started off fresh out of university as a developer in the team working with Sharepoint solutions.

At that time a lot of effort was put into customization of solutions – to a much greater extent than what is customary today.

- Clients were quite picky and wanted nearly everything to be bespoke. They demanded everything from customization of small functional details to pixel perfect graphics. It required a lot of work, and we were happy to oblige.

Things have changed since then, with a more pragmatic and cost-efficient process.

- The level of customization we were working on at that time didn’t always pay off, and together with our clients we have found that it’s better to deliver on the Microsoft standard with minor adaptations.


From one position to another

This shift in customer preferences is not the only change Roman has experienced over the years. His career developed, so to speak.

- As I gained experience as a developer it was a natural progression to become a software architect. That meant I worked more closely with the consultants in Finland and Sweden, who were in direct contact with the clients.

The next step for Roman wasn’t as natural, going from a technical role to being a consultant.

- Gradually the Team in Ostrava had more and more contact directly with the clients, and I have always had an interest in the business side of our solutions, not only the technical side. I find the combination of using soft and hard skills very fun.

With support from his manager and training, Roman quickly grew into the role as a consultant.

- The support and training have been very valuable, but I think the greatest learning is from actually doing the job every day.

A flexible workday

Another thing that changes constantly is the Romans' working hours. The ability to flex from day to day is highly valued.

- If I need to pick up the kids from school, I can leave early and grab my computer later that evening. This flexibility Tietoevry offers came in very handy when I was renovating my house and needed to meet with carpenters quite often – and every time during normal working hours.

At Tietoevry it’s not how many hours you are present that is vital, but rather the job you do.

- As long as I finish my tasks and am available, it doesn’t really matter if I sit in my chair at the office from 8-16. Thankfully.


Stability amidst all the changes

The constant change in Roman’s career is balanced out by a stability in both his team and several of his clients.

- You could perhaps coin me as somewhat conservative in the sense that I like stable relationships with both my team and clients. As a team we can serve the clients better and deliver substantial change through good use of technology when we understand their business thoroughly and have a personal connection. You can’t achieve that without a stable team.

Roman has also had long-lasting relationships with clients.

- We’ve followed some clients for years, and some time back I got the pleasant surprise of meeting a former client who had moved to a new company. We hadn’t worked together for five years but clicked immediately and have worked together since – on an ever-expanding project. So yes, even though change is the only constant in our business, there are some benefits to stability at some level too.

There must be good reasons for why Roman has stayed at Tietoevry this long, and his description of the company is short and sweet.

- I would describe the company as pleasant and international and with ample opportunities to grow. What’s not to like? Roman ends. 


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Roman Simecek
Senior Solution Consultant


Roman Simecek

Senior Solution Consultant

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