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Release webinar: The Future of Nordic Retail Banking

TietoEVRY Credit Solutions Release Event Spring 2021, in partnership with Microsoft Financial Cloud

20.5.2021, Online

Join 300+ attendees from 50+ banks and financial institutions and take part in interesting discussions around how the lending, leasing and collection landscape is changing, and what to focus on when the constant is change. Our mission is to help our customers’ ability to change, to truly be agile and utilize our software in a modular way.

Listen to experts and discussions on which trends that drives innovation and strategy, for example AI and machine learning, how hyper-personalized automation will help drive profitability and customers’ satisfaction. 

Don't miss out on the presentations on our latest releases for our Collection, Leasing & Lending solutions presented by our Product Managers, as well as a session on how Retail payments are transforming into data-rich real-time payments.

In addition, Microsoft will tell us more about Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services and how it brings together capabilities with multilayered security and comprehensive compliance coverage to deliver differentiated customer experiences, improve employee collaboration and productivity, manage risk, and modernize core systems.



Welcome introduction
The future of Credit Solutions

With Jonas Brännvall - Head of Products, Credit Solutions, TietoEVRY

Learn how the retail banking and credit solution landscape is changing and how to stay on top of your competition. Jonas will also highlight the news in TietoEVRY's credit solution releases.

Microsoft Cloud and collaboration solutions for Financial Services

With Ayaz Shukat, Industry CTO and Helena Kappen, Business Group Lead Surface from Microsoft

Microsoft will share insights into the latest and most strategic initiative within the Financial Services Industry. This new platform unlocks value creation through embedding digital collaboration into workflows, surfacing meaningful data, and tailoring customer service all with trusted capabilities that facilitate actionable insights, drive efficiency and enhance customer experience. You will also hear about the latest solutions when it comes to move beyond traditional meetings to collaborate better together and how you can bridge the distance to remote team members with a powerful meetings and collaboration platform.

How hard can it be to be to succeed in the real-time payments market?

With Micaela Vernmark - Head of Payments Solution Consulting, TietoEVRY

Payments done with mobile devices are on the rise. Although most transactions made using mobile devices are based card rails, the increased use of mobile devices to make payments have accelerated adoption of new payment methods that do not utilize a card as the underlying payment method. The reality is that for the consumer it's not of large importance of what is the underlying payment method, the choice is towards the method that is most convenient and delivers the best customer experience. Can new payment systems allow both card and non-card payments to operate alongside each other, at the same time giving the customer a consistent experience.

Breakouts with Product Managers in Credit Solutions


Breakout: Collection suite Nova – Latest news, focus and trends going forward

With TietoEVRY's Crister Svantesson - Product Manager Collection & Faraz Kuhpai, Senior Customer Manager, Collection

Get a sneak peek of the new UX to come as well as other product news. Crister & Faraz will also cover new trends within the debt collection industry.


Breakout: P27 and latest release updates within Lending & Leasing

With TietoEVRY's Taimur Jan, Product Manager Lending and Pelle Berg, Product Manager Leasing / Factoring

Get insights on TietoEVRY's thoughts and plans for P27. Our experts will walk you through the details and address how P27 will affect our solutions and our customers.

Make sure to join us for the latest news in our Lending and Leasing platforms.


Closing of event


Jonas Brännvall
Head of Products, Credit Solutions, TietoEVRY
Jonas leads the development of our digital end-to-end platform for the complete credit process. He has more than 20 years of experience in software product development, focusing on providing highly innovative solutions within process automation that delivers high business value to customers.
Ayaz Shukat
Industry CTO, Microsoft
Ayaz has more than 20 years of experience from the Tech industry and are today working as a digital strategist and Industry CTO. His main focus is on Banking and Capital Markets. In these diverse areas, he constantly promotes true value using future-proof Technology platforms such as Cloud.
Helena Kappen
Business Group Lead Surface, Microsoft
Helena Kappen is the Business Group Lead for Surface devices in Sweden, responsible for driving Surface devices as a part of the Modern Workplace. She has been with Microsoft since 2014 and prior to that she achieved a Full-Time MBA at Copenhagen Business School.
Micaela Vernmark
Head of Payments Solution Consulting, TietoEVRY
Micaela leads a global consulting team helping major Nordic and international banks respond to digitalization challenges and accelerate their business with new IT solutions. She has a background in retail and corporate banking, working for SEB and ING in Sweden and overseas before joining TietoEVRY.
Crister Svantesson
Product Manager Collection, TietoEVRY
Crister has more than 20 years of experience from the software industry with focus on the collection business. He holds the role of product manager of Nova with the aim to build value adding solutions for the debt collection business.
Faraz Kuhpai
Senior Customer Manager
Faraz has more than five years of account management experience, focusing on customers within finance and collections. Currently managing over 30 accounts to provide the best customer experience and adding business value with the help of great software and services.
Taimur Jan
Product Manager Lending, TietoEVRY
Taimur has 30 years of experience from Banking and Finance market and has spent the last 20 years in the financial software industry. He is passionate about building great software products and lasting business relationships.
Pelle Berg
Product Manager Leasing / Factoring, TietoEVRY
Pelle has more than 20 years of experience from the software industry with focus on the equipment leasing and finance business. He holds the role of product manager of ProFinance with the aim to build value adding solutions for the financing industry.

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