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Use Peppol to be a forerunner in Real-time-economy

State Treasury in Finland with its Real-Time economy program estimates that by using electronic communication, companies could save hundreds of millions of euros every year.

Anders Ødegård / April 03, 2023

State Treasury in Finland has now established its own authority within the Open Peppol organization. They see Peppol as an important building block to have success with Real-time-economy (RTE).

E-invoices, digital receipts, and electronic procurement messages are an important part of the real-time economy.

Finland is one of the most developed countries in e-Invoicing and now it wants to be the leader in electronic procurement messages. Based on the strategy, the focus is on making electronic messaging available also to small companies, and if Finland succeeds in onboarding small companies, there should be no excuse for larger companies.

Tietoevry has experience in the delivery of Peppol services in the market since 2012. The biggest strengths of Peppol are simplicity and ease of connecting to other business parties. We would like to highlight the following areas as strengths:

Standardization of business documents

With the standardization of business documents and enforcement of validating documents before they are delivered to the infrastructure, it is easy to trust the quality of documents exchanged. Even when you are receiving documents from a new business partner.

Standardization of documents exchange

Each sender and receiver in the network need to be connected to a certified access point, and the access points have a common way of communicating with each other. This model is called the four-corner model. With the Peppol address book, you can easily find business parties and connect with them without needing time-consuming clarifications, testing, and setup. Once connected to the Peppol infrastructure you are connected to all.

But how will this Peppol initiative in Finland affect Finnish companies, and what should you do to be prepared as a Finnish company?

Join our upcoming webinar on the 24th of May for more information on how you can be a forerunner in this area for your company. Book your spot here.

In the webinar, we will give you an insight into how Peppol is working, the upcoming changes in Finland, and how you best take advantage of these changes.

Want to know more about Tietoevry´s services for Peppol? Visit our Peppol service page here.

Anders Ødegård
Product Manager Nordic

Anders Ødegård is a Product Manager within Business Information Exchange (BIX) In that area, he is responsible for Supply Chain Messaging offerings for the Nordic market. He is well experienced in topics around the exchange of business data and has been working with Open Peppol initiatives since 2014.


Jukka Eloranta
Product Manager

Jukka Eloranta is a Product Manager within Business Information Exchange (BIX). In that area, he is responsible for Supply Chain Messaging offerings for the Finnish market.


Anders Ødegård

Product Manager Nordic

Jukka Eloranta

Product Manager

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