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Your partner for Test Strategy definition and implementation

Tietoevry Lithuania

Lvovo g. 105A, Vilnius 08104, Lithuania

TietoEVRY’s unique experience in quality assurance delivers the highest value for customers. As Testing Services Manager and Team Leader Miroslavas Kulakovskis explains, TietoEVRY doesn’t just provide a single testing service, but focuses on providing a full testing process that enables customers to implement a complete Test Strategy, including the necessary people and competences, plus prepared assets that can be re-used in the future.

Experience. Years of careful work and experience have enabled us to offer our customers proven test management and test execution practices that deliver tangible value in the services they offer. Our greatest assets are our people, and their knowledge and experience. We have a proven track record of implementing effective solutions in Lithuania, with testimonials from major clients in the finance and telecommunication sectors. One customer from Sweden, who had been impressed by what we were doing in Lithuania, asked if we could achieve the same for their operations. In their client feedback for 2020, they described us as their strategic testing partner, and emphasized the culture of quality we brought to their organization and processes. For us, the number one key is customer care.

Quality assurance. We focus on quality and how to improve it – and that’s what our customers appreciate. Quality assurance nowadays is not just about testing; rather, testing is just one part of the full cycle of quality assurance we offer. New trends show that clients want specialists who don’t just carry out testing according to the customer’s needs, but specialists who bring know-how, expertise, and own the entire testing process. This is where our end-to-end service comes in, incorporating test process definition, implementation and continuous testing. We are one of the first companies in Lithuania to provide such a model, created specifically to meet our customers’ need for integrated services.

Flexibility. We adapt flexibly to the needs of our customers, focusing on identifying the areas for quality improvements that will bring the biggest wins and the greatest value. From the outset, we agree steps, plan how to move forward, and what deliverables are required. We can also take care of tasks that are not directly related to testing (shift left or shift right in the development process), to improve the quality process in general. Moreover, we onboard people into the process and provide training for clients on the new working setup. All assets can be re-used by client in the future on newly initiated projects – delivering unquestionable benefits to the customer.

Results. Depending on how large a project or (more often) a programme is, it takes us an average of three to six months to define and implement a Test Strategy. First improvements and quick wins can be seen after four to six weeks, as we focus on what can bring fast and visible value. We understand the importance of presenting results clearly – risks must be visible and communicated, and our proposals and mitigations always structured. We believe that giving clients a verbal interpretation of results is much more understandable than simply providing numbers on progress. All of this helps to establish a new testing process that ensures the necessary procedures and competences are in place – vitally assisting the client in their journey to provide high-quality products.

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