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Altibox: development of digital channels

Development of internal systems to improve experience for customers and employees

TietoEvry Lithuania

Lvovo g. 105A, Vilnius 08104, Lithuania


  • Client: Altibox (Lyse) – an internet and television service company in Norway and Denmark
  • Project duration: 1.5 years
  • A joint Altibox-Tieto team, 80 per cent of whom were based in Vilnius

The team at TietoEVRY Lietuva made us realise how efficient remote teams can be.

Omar Retterstøl Langset
Deputy Chief Technology Officer & Head of IT and Applications at Altibox AS

Projects implemented

  • Online service ordering (Denmark)
  • Online service ordering (Norway)
  • A self-service system that enables users to check the status of their order, order specific services, etc.
  • An internal system for sellers to use when visiting customers to sell internet, television and additional services;
  • An internal system that checks the quality of metadata for the movies being offered (translation, images, texts, etc.);
  • An internal trouble-shooting system that provides real-time access to every user’s status, as well as updates, information on transmission failures, etc.

TietoEVRY Lithuania didn’t just provide IT services – they initiated innovative, long-term cooperation based on trust.

Omar Retterstøl Langset
Deputy Chief Technology Officer & Head of IT and Applications at Altibox AS

New experiences and lessons

  • At the beginning of the project, we paid great attention to communication and building trust within the team;
  • During the first month, 1-2 members worked co-located with Altibox team on-site for better communication; 
  • By taking an outside perspective, we were able to advise not only on technical solutions, but also on measures to optimise business processes;
  • By creating trust, we were able to implement the project in the way we felt best –choosing the right technology, platform or tools.
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