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The Un-focus on Core System- A Pitfall in Digital Transformation Strategy

15 December 2020

Per market reports, investments by enterprises is set to cross $1 trillion in digital transformation projects. Some of the key objectives of such digital transformation includes improving operational efficiency, better customer service & broader market support. 

Therefore, it’s not a surprise that internet is abuzz with literatures that talk about, why & how organizations have to embrace digital transformation to stay relevant in the changing market. At the same time, there are equal number of articles if not more, that elucidate which digital technologies should be implemented. But a common theme, majority of such articles overlook, are the considerations of the existing core systems that needs to be taken while embarking on such transformations. 

Every business & organization in today’s world, function on bedrock of core systems, at-least one if not multiple. Composition of such core systems differ, based on organization’s business model & target market focus. In Healthcare, example of such core systems for a hospital would include EHR/EMR, LIMS, RIS, etc. 

Transformation strategies in today’s world, are recommended to be designed on the principles of 'Outside-In'. Whilst taking such an approach to design future blueprints is pertinent strategically, in many instances what it discounts to consider as its input, are the structures & boundaries of the existing core systems. This overlook could become a death knell even for the best laid out 'Digital Transformation' strategy. 

So, listed are a few of the potential challenges that an enterprise could face in its transformational journey in such situations: 

  • 'Business Cases' seeming perfect for digital transformation could end up in a quagmire of complicated implementation 

  • Identified 'Best Bet' processes for change can be encountered with restrictions due to limitations in the flexibility of the core system 

  • 'The New' designed digital experience may perhaps toss up cluster of earlier state challenges in a fresh avatar 

  • Program Management ending up being a 'Gordian knot' that unravels unaccounted challenges at every phase 


Author: Karthik NS 

Karthik is a Healthcare IT enthusiast with more than a decade of work experience. He works as an Enterprise Business Analyst at EVRY India. 


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