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Navigating the future - an IT industry perspective

Raj Mohan, MD and Country Manager, Tietoevry India, shares valuable insights on this topic at NASSCOM's 'Future Through Tech Lens' conference held in Chandigarh.

13 February 2024

Raj Mohan, MD & Country Manager, Tietoevry India, featured in the fireside chat on ‘Navigating the future - an IT industry perspective’ at NASSCOM's 'Future Thru Tech Lens' conference in Chandigarh.

The NASSCOM "Future Through Tech Lens" conference was held successfully on 9 February 2024 at Satluj Hall, Hyatt Chandigarh. Through this conference theme, NASSCOM aimed to explore how technology is shaping and transforming the world we live in and how it will continue to influence the future.

As technology reshapes industries and redefines our daily experiences, it becomes imperative to comprehend its trajectory. The NASSCOM event brought together industry experts, senior technology professionals and visionaries who shared insights and exchanged ideas on how emerging and existing technologies are driving innovation and disrupting traditional industries while leading to new opportunities and challenges.

Raj Mohan, MD and Country Manager of Tietoevry India, shared valuable insights on ‘Navigating the future - an IT industry perspective' in a fireside chat hosted by Sameer Jain, Co-Chair of the NASSCOM Chandigarh and Punjab Chapter and Chair of its National SME Council. During the chat, Raj shared about current and emerging trends in IT outsourcing, the impact of the ongoing geopolitical and economic issues on the Indian IT industry, and the role of IT services in shaping the future of businesses and society especially in context of emerging technologies. Raj also highlighted the opportunities that are opening up for young and experienced technology professionals in new technology hubs that are emerging in Tier-2 cities.

The conference agenda included an information sharing session on SME council initiatives, apart from expert keynote sessions, engaging panel discussions, and thought-provoking conversations on disruptive tech trends and strategies for innovation, and concluded with felicitation of old NASSCOM members. From exploring the disruption that AI is unleashing, to discussing opportunities in IT hardware manufacturing, strategies to unlock tomorrow's technological landscape, potential challenges and risks associated with rapid technological progress and exploring the future of the SME community, the event provided a holistic view of the evolving tech landscape. The conference attendees also gained interesting insights into conscious leadership principles and the importance of service optimization in complex digital ecosystems.

The event brought together experts, professionals and visionaries who shared insights and exchanged ideas about how they envision the future in this age of rapid technological change and what will be the potential impact of these changes on our lives.

We sincerely thank NASSCOM Punjab and Chandigarh chapter for organizing the conference successfully. We also thank our colleagues from Tietoevry who enthusiastically participated in the conference and contributed to its success.

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