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Tietoevry partners with Agile Testing Alliance to make Global Testing Retreat 2023 at Pune a huge success

Tietoevry was the exclusive partner at Agile Testing Alliance's Global Testing Retreat (ATAGTR 2023), centered around the theme ‘Embracing Technical Agility and Tech Future’ .

13 December 2023

ATAGTR 2023, Asia’s largest software testing conference, took place virtually on December 2 and 3, and in-person in Pune on December 8 and 9. Tietoevry was the exclusive sponsor for the 8th edition of this conference.

The theme of this year’s conference was ‘Embracing Technical Agility and Tech Future’. The ATAGTR Conference 2023 was a resounding success, drawing a massive turnout of participants from diverse tech industries.

Professionals from across organizations actively engaged in community interactions, sharing tricks of the trade, and showcasing their offerings. The conference addressed current market needs with sessions covering testing methodologies, performance testing, genAI, security, and growth-based testing.

Tietoevry experts participated in various conference categories as speakers sparking insightful discussions on testing, automation, IoT, genAI, and security.

Our experts delivered impactful sessions during the conference:

On Day 1 (Dec 2), Priya Tandon, Head of Operation Excellence, Tietoevry Care India was the keynote speaker and addressed the topic ‘Beyond Limits: Scaling Productivity for Business Transformation’.

In the in-person event on Day 3 (Dec 8), Vaibhav Akole, Senior Tech Lead, Tietoevry Care and Swapnil M Kulkarni, Senior Tech Lead, Tietoevry Care, jointly discussed ‘Building Fortresses – Crafting a Resilient DevSecOps Ecosystem’ in the Track 2 session.

On the same day, Dharnendra Shah, Sr. Product Development Manager, Tietoevry Care moderated a leadership panel discussion on ‘Team dynamics in DevOps - Breaking Silos’.

On Day 4, (Dec 9), Ashutosh Bhatnagar, Senior Product Development Manager, Tietoevry Care India was the keynote speaker and presented on the topic ‘Code Quality to Quality of Life’.

Additionally, Yagneshkumar Tailor, Senior Software Architect - Security at Tietoevry Care and K.R. Akhil, Lead Software Architect, Tietoevry Care jointly discussed the topic ‘API Connect: Empowering Automation, Safeguarding Security, and Optimizing CI/CD’ as track speakers at the conference.

Tietoevry Care hosted an exhibition booth to showcase its offerings and services, demonstrating how they are simplifying everyday life for the healthcare and welfare sector.

The conference served as a global platform, attracting leaders from around the world and facilitating networking, collaboration, and the exchange of valuable insights contributing to the growth of the entire tech community.

We extend our thanks to ATAGTR for organizing this successful event and appreciate the opportunity it provided to enhance our visibility, showcase our products and their impact on society.

As the conference concluded, the industry looks forward to integrating these shared learnings into future practices.

Below are some glimpses from the event:



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