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Tietoevry India’ s iSHIKSHA Higher Education Assistance Program empowering employee careers

Aligning with our values of continuous learning and personal development, Tietoevry India is offering a well curated Education Assistance Program to its employees in partnership with Symbiosis

26 September 2023

iSHIKSHA, Tietoevry India’s Higher Education Assistance Program, launched in partnership with Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL) is a capability-building initiative aimed at providing our employees a broader understanding of the business environment and the skills they need to navigate business challenges. The primary objective of this program is to enable a learning experience for Tietoevry India employees based on their career goals and equip them to excel further in their careers.

This program is accessible to all Tietoevry employees and their eligible family members. It includes short- and long-term courses, including a variety of off-the-shelf programs at various levels. It also includes weekend problem-solving sessions with the option to join archive/online classes, customized learning hours, flexibility in exam scheduling, and tax benefits.

On September 15, Tietoevry India HR had the privilege of attending the Symbiosis Skills University Partner Gratitude Meet. During the event, SCDL recognized our unwavering commitment to learning and development, and honored our team for driving the iSHIKSHA initiative to provide higher education opportunities within our organization. The interaction reinforced our collective commitment to driving positive change through skill development. The event also served as a platform for SCDL to showcase the inspiring endeavors of our fellow partner companies engaged in diverse community initiatives.

Our partnership with the Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL) has opened doors to higher education for our employees, in alignment with our values of continuous learning and personal development. Let us hear what one of our employees, an iSHIKSHA program attendee, has to share about the initiative:

“I am Malavika P. Accanoor, and I have been working with Tietoevry for the last nine years. I am currently pursuing Corporate Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (C-PGDBA), a two-year program, conducted by Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL) in Pune. This Corporate PG program is being offered as part of iSHIKSHA, a higher education assistance program launched by our company in partnership with SCDL, to provide professional learning and development opportunities to its employees.

This program is helping me enhance my knowledge and understanding of the business and will be very good for my career growth. I am grateful to my company for providing me this opportunity that promises to develop my professional capabilities while also broadening my career prospects.

Tietoevry offers numerous opportunities to its employees to facilitate their professional growth and career advancement and equip them to face challenges and stay updated on the latest trends in the corporate world. I would like to thank my company once again for supporting the all-round development of its employees.”

The iSHIKSHA program is empowering our employees and preparing them to face business challenges with confidence. We are proud of our association with Symbiosis and look forward to our continuing this journey ahead.

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