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A session on 'Building Better Applications with Architecture Best Practices' conducted by Pallavi Bhosale at GIDS 2023

Pallavi Bhosale, Senior Software Architect at Tietoevry Create, conducted an insightful session at GIDS 2023 hosted by the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru in April.

31 July 2023

Pallavi Bhosale, Senior Software Architect at Tietoevry Create, participated in the sixteenth cohort of the Great International Developer Summit, GIDS 2023, which was hosted by the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru from April 25 to 28.

During the summit, Pallavi conducted a session on ‘Building Better Applications with Architecture Best Practices’ on day four, in which she shared valuable insights on software architecture practices and tools that enhance application code quality. The session covered widely researched and applied software architecture patterns in back-end development, as well as the emerging best practices in front-end frameworks like Angular and React.

Pallavi aimed to help software practitioners understand the importance of creating a coherent user experience and user interface and demonstrated how to improve code quality by reducing additional refreshes between views, designing interaction elements, and optimizing user elements to enhance app accessibility.

Pallavi is a senior software architect who is working on end-to-end product development and support as a full-stack developer. She has rich experience in IT and enterprise software development life cycle in the Finnish tech market with expertise in optimizing software applications and improving code quality.

The GIDS Expo is Asia's biggest gathering of software developers, architects, tech leads, and DevOps and InfraOps professionals. It is a platform which offers talented tech professionals the opportunity to network with and learn from top players in the industry.

The four-day developer summit included technical sessions, keynote talks, networking and peer-sharing opportunities and provided its participants the opportunity to learn about companies that are at the forefront of creating products in common use on projects and interact with some of the most talented and influential figures in software engineering and architecture.

"I am pleased that I got the opportunity to participate in the summit as it not only gave me a chance to share insights that I have drawn from the Finnish tech ecosystem but also to explore the diverse possibilities that technology offers to developers who are attempting to solve technical challenges", says Pallavi.

A recording of Pallavi's session is available here for on-demand viewing.

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