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Tietoevry India wraps up the 13th edition of Tech Utsav, its annual flagship event with huge success

Tech Utsav 2023 was held over two days - May 3 (physical event) and May 16 (virtual event)

Virtual event recording available for on-demand viewing till Jun 24, 2023

29 May 2023

The tech fest was held over two days with the physical event on May 3rd followed by a virtual event on May 16th. Solution demos of Tietoevry India's latest innovations were showcased along with an engaging set of activities on both days with customers, partners and employees joining in from across the globe. Recordings of the virtual event are currently available for on-demand viewing until June 24, 2023.

We are happy to announce that Tietoevry India hosted the 13th edition of Tech Utsav, its annual flagship tech festival, in May 2023, and the event was a huge success.

Tech Utsav is a celebration of technology and innovation and provides Tietoevry India's developer community a platform to bring their 'ideas to reality' by applying their knowledge, tech skills as well as business understanding to build proof-of-concept of solutions for some real-world problems by leveraging digital technologies. The top twelve solutions selected from over sixty submitted by employees as part of a 3-month long internal challenge are given a booth to present a live demonstration of their innovation at the Tech Utsav event.

The May 3 physical event started with lamp-lighting, Ganesha Vandana and Tietoevry Create leaders Christian Pedersen (Managing Director of Tietoevry Global) and Rajnish Mohan (Country Manager Tietoevry India and Head of Tietoevry Create India) delivering their inaugural and welcome addresses. The day-long program was packed with exciting activities, including soapbox speeches, cultural performances by internal talent, quizzes, a poll for the most popular demo and jury evaluations to select the top five solutions and subsequently the final winners of Tech Utsav 2023. The Bangalore office was buzzing with excitement with over 500 attendees, including Tietoevry Create global and India leaders, technical experts and employees along with customer representatives, engaging actively with the live demonstrations at the exhibition booths and enthusiastically participating in various activities. An all-employees town hall was also organized on the sidelines of the event.

The May 16 virtual event attracted more than 600 registrations and was attended by some of our esteemed customers, partners, and colleagues from across the globe. The event started with an inaugural address by Kimmo Alkio, President and CEO of Tietoevry Group company followed by a welcome address by Rajnish Mohan. The event featured online booths for the solution showcase demo along with keynote speeches, panel discussions and industry and tech spotlight sessions. The participants included some key customer representatives and Tietoevry tech experts who shared information and insights around technology topics such as "The Power of Innovation: Thriving in a Dynamic Landscape', 'The Future of Service Management: Blending Technology, Data and Design for Sustainable Impact', 'Women in Technology: Journey and Aspirations', AR/VR and Digital Adoption.

Tech Utsav is a showcase of technological advances and investments Tietoevry India has made in niche digital technologies. It provides the Tietoevry developer community a forum to display their innovations that include exciting R&D projects, innovative technology applications and productivity tools created by them. The concepts and prototypes exhibited during the event are shortlisted based on business attractiveness and potential impact and the winning solutions are adopted as new service offerings for clients.

The teams that participated in the solution showcase demonstrated admirable enthusiasm. The top three winners were announced by Rammohan Panyam, Strategy and Business Development Head at Tietoevry Create India, during his closing speech. Tech Utsav 2023 winning solutions were:

1. Risk Assessment for Underwriting using ML
2. Auto adjudication and Fraud Prevention using RPA, AI/ML
3. Predictive Maintenance in the O&G Industry using AI/ML

You can register and login to the Tech Utsav 2023 event microsite to view the virtual event recordings, which will be available for on-demand viewing until June 24, 2023.

On the Tech Utsav 2023 event microsite, if you had registered for this event, you can simply use your email id to login, if you missed registering for this event earlier, you can register now and then log in in to access and view the full session recordings (using the links on the agenda page at the top right).

Do not miss viewing the fifteen demos and brochures in the Solution Showcase Zone. Visit the Resource Centre to view some additional videos and download further information about the showcased demos.

We appreciate the efforts and coordination of all participating teams, committee members, and volunteers that helped make Tech Utsav 2023 a great success. Special thanks to leaders, business unit heads, and technical experts for visiting the booths and inspiring the participating teams.

Let us meet again next year at Tech Utsav 2024 to celebrate ideas, knowledge, and innovation.
















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