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The 3-pronged employee approach that helped us overcome the pandemic challenges

In this opinion piece in All Things Talent, Vinu Sekhar, our Head of HR, shares how our company overcame Covid-led challenges and the initiatives that helped improve our HR effectiveness

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03 February 2023

Tietoevry India HR team adopted a 3-pronged approach that helped in overcoming the key challenges faced during the pandemic years. The introduction of several innovative programs helped improve our effectiveness in key HR areas.

 In this opinion piece published in 'All Things Talent', a Naukri Hiring Suite publication, Vinu Sekhar, EVP and HR Head at Tietoevry India, recounts the challenges our company faced during the pandemic and how a 3-pronged approach helped us overcome those challenges. We adopted a new hybrid working model which involved not just shifting from earlier ways of working but adopting a whole new work culture. A conscious shift from a reactive to proactive retention strategy and renewed employee focus and engagement were part of the approach which helped in bringing down attrition and retaining key talent in the company.


In the article, Vinu also shares about other HR changes that were brought in to improve effectiveness in the areas of Hiring and Onboarding, Employee Wellness and Engagement, Compensation and Benefit, Learning and Development and Employee Referrals. He shares some of his predictions for the talent landscape in 2023 and the top aspects candidates should keep in mind this year to be able to land their dream jobs. Vinu also shares his thoughts on business cycles of hiring and slowdowns and how companies and candidates can prepare for them.

Read the article on the Naukri 'All Things Talent' website here.

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