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How my company made my Fintech journey most fulfilling

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31 January 2023

Najmunissa Ponkshe, Quality and Security Manager at Tietoevry Banking, shares about her career journey in Fintech and what she enjoys and finds most fulfilling in it.

Najmunissa Ponkshe works as a Quality and Security Manager at Tietoevry Banking. She has published an article on TechGig, a Times Internet platform, as a guest author.

In this article, Najmunissa shares how she helps people execute their tasks well and how she draws satisfaction from supporting quality, security and compliance requirements of European banking customers.

Najmunissa works with a highly professional team of Fintech experts who are distributed across various countries. She appreciates the enabling work environment at Tietoevry and talks about the ways the company has helped her succeed in her career journey.

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