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Mentoring support and catalytic grants provided to non-profits selected for the Tietoevry - NASSCOM Foundation ‘Tech For Good’ CSR program

The Social Innovation Catalyst Program: A Tietoevry - NASSCOM Foundation Joint CSR Partnership Initiative

24 August 2022

Mentoring support and catalytic grants provided to non-profits selected for the NASSCOM Foundation – Tietoevry ‘Tech For Good’ CSR program

Tietoevry India partnered with the NASSCOM Foundation for a joint CSR partnership program ‘Tech For Good’ aimed at accelerating technology innovation and adoption for social good. The program, the Social Innovation Catalyst program, was closely aligned with our company's purpose of ‘creating purposeful technology that reinvents the world for good’. The objective of this initiative was to help selected non-profit organizations create sustainable solutions that solve key development issues and community problems through innovative use of technology.

Under this program, eight non-profits working in Healthcare, Financial Inclusion and Education Tech domains were selected to participate in a 3-month mentorship program in which our experienced technology and business professionals offered knowledge and insights, provided guidance in innovative use of technology, and closely collaborated with the project teams to build impactful solutions that address some key challenges in the social sector.

The mentoring program culminated in July 2022 with the project teams showcasing their efforts to a jury comprising of Sharan Kantikar, Head of Digital Innovation, EVRY India (A Tietoevry Company); Sarang Dewaikar, Head of European Deliveries, Tietoevry Create India and Vishal Thakur, Head - Tech for Good, NASSCOM Foundation. In the jury presentation, each project team, comprising of representatives from the non-profits and their respective mentors (from Tietoevry), gave a detailed presentation about their projects, the operational challenges they faced, the scope of their outreach, solutions proposed and the potential impact they could achieve. All eight organizations' presentations were insightful and interesting, and each of them highlighted a unique proposition that would make a difference in our communities.

The three top organizations that were selected by the jury to receive catalytic grants of Rs. 5 lakh each are Nourishing School, Inclusive Divyangjan Entrepreneur Association (IDEA), and Missing Link Trust. The remaining five non-profits—Indian Music Experience Museum (IME), Muskaan PAPEID Society, Renovatio Foundation, Key Education Foundation (KEF), and Sampark Sathi were also appreciated for their innovative ideas for impactful social causes and these organizations also received Rs. 2.8 lakh each as consolation grants.


The non-profit organizations expressed great appreciation for the mentoring program and thanked the Tietoevry professionals for the time and hard-work they had put in and the high-quality guidance they had provided. The mentoring provided by the Tietoevry professionals helped the NGOs in many ways - in streamlining operations, using technology solutions to address various challenges, transcending geographic limitations, and enhancing their reach and appeal to their target social demographic.

For the Tietoevry professionals who participated in this initiative as mentors, this was a rewarding experience that enabled them to contribute meaningfully to a social cause which had a direct impact on our communities.

We extend our best wishes to the participating organizations who received the grants and hope our support will help them take their social initiatives further.

At Tietoevry, we believe in the power of technology and are committed to using it purposefully to create a better world where growth and humanity are aligned. We want to be active corporate citizens in the societies we operate in and make an impactful difference in our communities, collaborating with partners who share our values and goals. Our sincere thanks to NASSCOM Foundation for partnering with us for this meaningful program.

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