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Tietoevry India now has two Alexa Champions in its Digital Innovation team

Suneet Patil and Ilanchezhian Ganesamurthy from Tietoevry India are among the 70-odd Amazon Alexa Champions around the world and 12 in the Asia-Pacific

21 July 2021

With Suneet Patil, Conversational AI Lead from the Digital Innovation team, being featured in Amazon’s list of 10 New Alexa Champions for 2021, TietoEVRY India now has two Alexa Champions in its workforce. Ilanchezhian Ganesamurthy, Principal Architect in Digital Innovation, leads Product Engineering and Conversational User Interface (CUI) at Tietoevry India. He is one of Alexa pioneers in India and joined the prestigious list of most knowledgeable developers and contributors in the Alexa community in 2020 and features in the Alexa Champions gallery where Suneet will soon join him. Suneet and Ilanchezhian are now among the 70-odd Alexa Champions around the world and only 12 in the Asia-Pacific.

The Alexa Champions program is an honorary award given by Amazon in recognition of great service to the Alexa platform and ecosystem. This program was launched in 2016 to honor enthusiastic, focused, and passionate voice leaders, who help the growing Alexa community invent and build the future of voice technology and ambient computing. Alexa Champions recognized by Amazon, form a diverse group of engineers, designers and conversational UI/UX experts who play a part in voice industry events, speak out in broadcasts and publications, and participate in Alexa open-source projects.

Suneet, an early adopter of voice technology, says, “I am excited and deeply honored to be named as an ‘Alexa Champion’ by Amazon. I want to sincerely thank my entire Tietoevry family and specially Sharanayya Kantikar, Ramamohan Panyam and my mentor Ilanchezhian Ganesamurthy for giving me all the support and help through my journey in the Conversational AI space.” Suneet is passionate about building the Alexa community across India and the world and adds, “I have learnt a lot and it is time for me to now share the knowledge that I have acquired and give back to my colleagues, our Tietoevry customers and to the larger Alexa community around the world.” At Tietoevry, Suneet works extensively on Emerging Technologies, Conversational AI, and Cloud Solutions using Cloud-Native and Microservices Architecture.

Ilanchezhian is a specialist in CUI and Cloud with a focus on Emerging Technologies such as Conversational AI (Alexa, Google Assistant), CUI applications (Intelligent Digital Assistant), leveraging AWS Lex and Cognitive Services, building Digital Human (AWS Sumerian Hosts), Cloud solutions using Cloud-Native and Microservices Architecture. He has been an enthusiastic mentor for many TietoEVRY employees and says, “Amazon Alexa has revolutionized and rejuvenated the Conversation AI space and is playing a pivotal role in the evolution of UI from Graphical User Interface (GUI) through web and mobile to Voice User Interface (VUI). This ‘people-literate technology’ or ‘habit-forming technology’ has seen mass-adoption by consumers and is currently being leveraged by enterprises to increase employee productivity.” The message Ilanchezhian wants to give to Alexa enthusiasts is, “All big achievers were once a beginner. All you have to do is believe in yourself, take a leap of faith and start building something new. Join our communities and forums to use VoiceFirst technology and build a better tomorrow.”

As Alexa technical experts and AWS certified Alexa Skill Builders, both Ilanchezhian and Suneet are Alexa and AWS community leaders and co-organizers of Alexa Community Bengaluru and Alexa Community India along with other AWS user groups.

Sharanayya Kantikar, who heads Digital Innovation at Tietoevry India is proud of his team's accomplishments and shares, “Our Alexa champions are an integral part of the Conversational AI Centre of Excellence and are further growing this expertise within the company. They are also working towards building and maturing Technology Assets that will help us truly become our customers’ most trusted technology provider and partner with unique capabilities in niche areas like VoiceFirst technology, ambient computing and AI driven Intelligent Automation. Our innovation lab and digital transformation expertise have been a big leverage for our customers making Tietoevry their first choice.”

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