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Leveraging IoMT technology into action as part of Digital Health Service Delivery

Fireside Chat Tech Series | Session 1

26.3.2021 - 30.1.2022, Online
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Fireside Chat tech Series

We are excited to announce the Fireside Chat Tech Series, which will be a monthly series, covering a wide range of industry topics shaping the Healthcare segment. Throughout the series, our panelists and experts will discuss areas of interests in technology and innovation, strategy, operational transformation and emerging sectors. The discussion will also cover the latest developments and their adoption in today's rapidly changing business environment.

About the topic of the first fireside chat of this series: “Leveraging IoMT technology into action as part of Digital Health Service Delivery”

With the rise in the ageing population, increased life expectancy, current pandemic situation and with the advancement in technology, the way Healthcare services are delivered is changing rapidly. As care moves from the traditional setup to people’s homes with virtual care and 24/7 availability, Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is becoming an intrinsic part of Healthcare service delivery.

According to a report published by UnivDtos Market Insights, the Global IoMT market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18.5% from 2021-2027. As IoMT adoption progresses, live data streaming, security and integration will become a crucial aspect of patient management. Healthcare leaders must be ready if they want to leverage this leading tech in order to deliver right services at a reduced cost of care.

Our experts will be discussing in detail the importance of IoMT in today’s changing world and the below nuances in leveraging IoMT:

  • How has IoMT transformed the Healthcare Industry
  • Challenges faced by organizations to adopt IoMT
  • Defining Business Cases
  • IoMT device selection & consideration
  • Interoperability & Infrastructure needs
  • Security & Regulatory requirements

The session will allow you to understand how organizations can be prepared and can leverage IoMT as a business opportunity to deliver more value in healthcare.


  • Srinivas Iyengar - Head of Healthcare & Insurance - US business, TietoEVRY India
  • Sharanayya Kantikar – Head of Innovation - US business, TietoEVRY India

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Contact us

Srinivas Iyengar

Head of Healthcare & Insurance (US Business), TietoEVRY India

Date and place

26.3.2021 - 30.1.2022
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