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Make your mark and shape the future.

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There are plenty of taglines and clichés that we could use to tell you why you should join our company. That said, we are humble to the fact that no one, including us, is perfect. But by having a strategy and a plan, we believe we will reach far in meeting our promise to employees. Our idea is that one needs a proper foundation and care, in order to excel both professionally and personally. We give you – our plan, our promise and our offer – Tietoevry style.

Recruitment Team

Skills trending

Software Development

Coding is an art form and you strive for perfecting your expression. Let your expression serve humanity. Let it be Good Code.

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Help our customers by combining leading frameworks for front- and back-end development with integration across multiple industries.

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Ensure that customers secure their digital assets by helping them understand, prioritize and manage risks associated with digitalisation.


Combine business design with software engineering to create solutions that drive innovation and sustainable value creation.

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Data, AI and Analytics

Help our customers create a data strategy, clean data in a modern data warehouse or gain value from data through AI/Machine learning.

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