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Get to know the stories of our comebackers and what made them choose to join Tietoevry India again!

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We understand that our employees change jobs for various reasons such as gaining new competences, getting to know a different work environment and broadening horizons. We value that our employees strive for continuous improvement and have the courage to try new challenges. Moreover, if they want to join us again, they are more than welcome.

Learn more about the stories of our people who returned to Tietoevry India after their time away!

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Ambarish Melurappa

The leadership at Tietoevry coaches you to develop the skill set required to succeed and move to the next level. Employees get a chance to work with skilled peers and superiors. At Tietoevry, a healthy work-life balance is guaranteed.

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Rajbarinder Singh

I admire the current leadership and its vision for the company as well as the work-life balance the company offers. My new role has given me a chance to learn more about tools and new aspects of digital workspaces. I am motivated by the opportunities I am getting and the recognition for my work.

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Abhishek Pandey

During my time away, I missed the strong sense of innovation, genuine leadership, and the opportunity to work on real business challenges. I returned to Tietoevry with renewed energy and a positive outlook.

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Vasudev Shrinivas

I relaunched my career with Tietoevry because of the support I received from my team and manager. Outside of Tietoevry, I truly missed working in a known environment, as part of a cohesive team and following a structured approach to completing tasks.

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Akshit Sharma

I came back as I missed the easygoing work environment at Tietoevry, the familiar culture, helpful coworkers, visionary leadership, and the fact that employees are treated equally here and provided multiple opportunities to advance professionally.

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Bhargavi Neelakantam

I felt more driven than ever when returning to Tietoevry due to a unique combination the company offers - a friendly work environment, excellent team coordination, and the opportunity to work with the most up-to-date technology.

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Shelly Sharma

Tietoevry was the only place I could think of while contemplating a move. The obvious reasons were a flexible work culture, visionary management, and helpful colleagues. The welcome I received was very warm and I haven't looked back since.

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Ramarao Kondeti

I returned to Tietoevry with a fresh perspective on how much I had enjoyed working here. The open work culture with opportunities to learn new technologies and work on multiple applications, influenced my decision to join back. I felt really energized coming back.

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Tanima Parida

After my exit, I realized Tietoevry had been a better fit for me, as I really missed my excellent team leaders and manager. Tietoevry’s customer-centric approach challenges me, and I missed the transparent work environment while away.

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Shashikant Sarode

I highly value the transparent work culture, clarity in roles and responsibilities, healthy work-life balance, and trust placed in employees by the leadership. I missed these during my time away, so I'm glad to be back with Tietoevry.

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Vijay Pukale

After returning, I was given the opportunity to utilize my leadership abilities and contribute significantly towards Tietoevry's rapid growth. Among our company's unique selling points are its positive workplace environment, helpful coworkers, strong work ethics, and multiple opportunities for learning.

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Akshatha Bhat

My decision to return to Tietoevry was motivated by the open and honest working environment, supportive management and coworkers, and the company's promising growth future. My team warmly welcomed me, which made me feel grateful and humble.

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Shashank Jain

Tietoevry has a solid work environment with excellent work standards, efficient processes, and exciting learning opportunities. A flexible hybrid work policy and an open culture that promotes exchange of ideas are other benefits I missed while away.

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Nivesh Sharma

Having experienced the outside market, I can say that Tietoevry has an excellent work atmosphere where colleagues have meaningful relationships. In addition, there are also abundant learning opportunities within the company to pursue. In both India and Norway, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Tietoevry people.

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Gautam Ghogare

During my time away, I realized that Tietoevry offers a strong corporate culture with an excellent work-life balance. Additionally, it provides many chances to work across different domains, which results in a great career prospect.

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Rohit Satpute

I rejoined Tietoevry because of its excellent working environment where management is extremely supportive of employees, seniors value your work, and colleagues maintain good personal and professional relationships.

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Anuja Jain

I made the decision to return to Tietoevry as soon as I had the opportunity. I was excited to be able to continue my work and be productive, as I was already familiar with the work culture at Tietoevry. During my time away, I missed socializing, group travel, and team bonding activities.

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Rohitasya Sarkar

Returning to Tietoevry was an obvious choice due to the unmatched work-life balance, job stability and ample learning opportunities the company provides.

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Nimisha Agrawal

At Tietoevry I had a good work-life balance, healthy work atmosphere and supportive colleagues, things I missed at the new company I joined. Returning to Tietoevry felt like coming back home and I am happy I am able to perform my best once again.

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Abhishek Indora

During my time away, I missed the stimulating and innovative work environment that Tietoevry offers, opportunities to engage with cutting-edge technologies and projects, and the company's unwavering commitment to individual growth and development.

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Nikhil Sonkamble

Tietoevry has exceptional leaders and an unmatched work culture where people care for and help each other grow, both personally and professionally. When I realized that working at Tietoevry had been my most fulfilling experience, I had to return.

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Veer Dhwaj Singh

I decided to rejoin for a compelling project that aligned with my skill set. I value the excellent work-life balance I had during my previous time at Tietoevry and the opportunity to work on a high-quality project was an additional advantage.

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Abhinandan Dongare

Fair recognition of my work, challenging projects to work on, a harmonious work-life balance, helpful colleagues and supportive superiors are my reasons for rejoining Tietoevry. It feels like I'm returning to my family, and I’m thrilled to be back.

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Pooja Shah

I have always found Tietoevry’s work culture to be very positive. The work satisfaction and work-life balance at Tietoevry are unmatched. So, when I got a second chance to join Tietoevry, I eagerly seized the opportunity.

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