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Providing livelihood training to underprivileged youth

Tietoevry is partnering with Yuva Parivartan to provide livelihood training to underprivileged youth from urban slum areas in Pune and Bengaluru through vocational and capacity building initiatives

Varsha Shekhar / July 14, 2023
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At Tietoevry, we believe that the future lies in the youth of today. Young people should get the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that help them have access to a better life while being productive and socially useful.

Accelerated urbanization has escalated the population pressure in Indian cities and resulted in the rapid growth of slums. The urban poor live in overcrowded areas that often lack basic amenities and they face enormous challenges in their daily lives. Youth living in slums are especially vulnerable as they are deprived of basic health, nutrition, education and live in volatile environments where they are exposed to diseases, crime, and other social evils every day that have a negative impact on their social and mental wellbeing.

Our partnership with Yuva Parivartan is helping create livelihood opportunities through skilling of underprivileged youth

Yuva Parivartan is a leading NGO in India that focuses on creating opportunities for underprivileged youth and helping them lead productive and socially useful lives. They have been working in the urban slums in Pune and Bangalore for over 15 years and have conducted special studies to understand the challenges that the youth living in these slums are facing, especially in the post-Covid period.

We began our partnership with Yuva Parivartan in April 2022, when we started supporting their Urban Livelihoods Programme to conduct short-term livelihood-oriented youth skill-training in identified slum areas in Pune and Bangalore. This ambitious programme aims to create a conducive growth atmosphere for the circumstantially deprived youth through counselling, skill development, and capacity-building initiatives. Yuva Parivartan has established Livelihood Development Centres (LDCs) located in slums and backward areas where community-based skilling courses are run to match the livelihood opportunities in the region.

The programme caters to a diverse set of underprivileged and unemployed youth, including migrant, women, human-trafficked and at-risk youth coming from low income or BPL (below poverty line) families, who are in the age group of 18 to 35 years.

The enrolled youth are provided training through a mix of theoretical and practical sessions as well as workshops on life skills, called (Soch ka Parivartan) and awarded certification after exam-based evaluations. They are assisted by a network of field counselors, community leaders, and trainers who help them connect with local livelihood opportunities that allow them to earn a stable income.

Below are some pictures of these trainings being conducted:

Program outcome and impact

Over the past year, through this livelihoods program we were able to impact 300 direct and 1500 indirect beneficiaries. We have contributed to enhancing the employability of around 300 underprivileged youth (40% male and 60% female) in Pune and Bangalore which has benefitted them as well as their families.

Through the Yuva Parivartan Urban Livelihoods Program, skill-trainings were conducted on basic computer skills, Tally  , digital marketing using social media, among others to prepare the enrolled youth for job roles such as Wireman, Nursing Assistant, Sales Associate, Accounts Executive, Data Entry Operator and Retail Sales. Many of those who completed the training and got certifications have found employment through livelihood support and the team is working on providing livelihood linkages for the remaining.

Below are the stories of three of the beneficiaries of this program:

Durga Shree, 19 years

Durga Shree who was enrolled in the Bangalore Livelihood Centre was not able to pursue her studies after the 10th grade owing to financial issues. Her father was the only earning member of the family. She searched for a job, but without any skillset and limited education, she was unable to find one. She enrolled in the Basic Computer training being offered at the Bangalore Livelihood Development Centre. On completion she started working for Capital Computer Pvt Limited, earning INR 9000 per month as a salary. Durga is now able to support her family and is grateful for this opportunity offered by Tietoevry and Yuva Parivartan. “Teaching is very good, and we can understand clearly and easily with the help of blended learning. Apart from skills they also teach SOCH KA PARIVARTAN which helps us more in our daily work”, says Durga about her experience.

Sharanya K., 23 years

Sharanya comes from a low-income family. She completed her graduation facing many hardships but was unable to find any livelihood options. She found out about the Livelihoods program through Yuva Parivartan's mobilization drive and enrolled in the Basic Computers program. On completion of the three-month program, she got placed at the Om Shakathi Mahila Charitable Trust as an accountant and is earning Rs. 12,000 per month. Sharanya has now regained her confidence and is ready to face the world.

Divya Shree PN, 30 years

Divya Shree lives with her husband and two children. Her husband is the only earning member and it was getting very difficult to make ends meet. She wanted to support her husband but was directionless. She decided to pursue skill-training and joined the computer program at the Yuva Parivartan Centre. She was keen to make her career in teaching and IT. On completion of the program, she started working for a partner of Yuva Parivartan called Hope Foundation as a computer facilitator earning a salary of INR 15,000 per month. Divya finds a tremendous change in her life, as she is now able to support her husband and provide for a better future for her children.

We look forward to our continued partnership with YP to skill a higher number of underprivileged youth and help them access a better life 

Tietoevry India believes that youth-skilling is an area where our intervention can make a significant impact especially for those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and lack access to quality education and training. Our association with Yuva Parivartan has played a pivotal role in transforming youth's lives by enabling them to become more confident, self-reliant, and resilient.

We have successfully collaborated with Yuva Parivartan over the past year to empower and upskill youth and enable their access to a decent livelihood. We are confident that through our sustained partnership, we will be able to make an even more significant impact by reaching underprivileged and deserving individuals and skilling them to improve their employment prospects.

Varsha Shekhar
Marketing, Branding and Communications Lead, Tietoevry India


Varsha Shekhar

Marketing, Branding and Communications Lead, Tietoevry India

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