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Workday Ecosystem - Leader & Rising Star

ISG positioned Tietoevry as Leader and Rising Star in the ISG Provider Lens™ Workday Ecosystem report 2022, Europe.

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Tietoevry named European Leader and Rising Star.

Tietoevry has been recognized as European Leader in the Workday Ecosystem Implementation and Integration Services category and Rising Star in other two categories by ISG in their recent ISG Provider Lens™ report ‘Workday Ecosystem 2022, Europe.

The ISG Provider Lens™ Workday Ecosystem Report for Europe 2022 evaluates 16 service providers within three categories:

  • Implementation and Integration Services,
  • Consulting and Strategy Services, and
  • Managed Services.

The research report compares service providers’ strengths, challenges and competitive differentiators.

Workday service categories

Implementation and Integration

Implementation and Integration Services_Leader.png

European Leader

“Tietoevry has designed standard delivery models with a global setup to win customer confidence.”
Ashwin Gaidhani, Research Partner at ISG Provider Lens™

Tietoevry provides seamless Workday deployment options to midsize and large European enterprises, focusing in Nordics. Its implementation methodology and pre-defined project templates cut over several project activities and help reduce integration and testing timeframes for clients.

implementation and Integration Services.jpg

Consulting and Strategy Services


European Rising Star

“Tietoevry is a trusted and established brand for Workday services.”
Ashwin Gaidhani, Research Partner at ISG Provider Lens™

Tietoevry provides Workday consulting services for clients to accelerate process transformations and achieve faster and more agile service delivery. Moreover, as a consulting and advisory company, it offers content-rich thought leadership and solutions accelerators, ensuring agile and effective collaboration. As a result, numerous customers have realized improved business outcomes from their Workday investments.


Workday Managed Services

Managed Services_Rising Star.png

European Rising Star

“Tietoevry is strengthening its HCM and CloudBorn strategy in Europe.”
Ashwin Gaidhani, Research Partner at ISG Provider Lens™

Tietoevry delivers end-to-end services based on the client’s sourcing needs. As the business environment constantly adapts to emerging technologies in HCM and financial management, Tietoevry offers updated and advanced versions of solutions after the go-live stage. Its proactive, customer-centric and business-oriented approach enables clients to constantly align with their business needs.

Managed Services.jpg

Insights from the report

European enterprises are inclined towards modernized HCM solutions and there is a surge in Workday adoption in Europe.

The requirements of a new workplace culture and workforce recruitment are driving innovation and collaboration. Workday has been strengthening its product suite in line with market and regional nuances such as language, taxation, and policies. The U.K., German and Nordic markets are gradually embracing the platform with the development of new use cases. Furthermore, the functionalities developed through acquisitions add immense value and position Workday as a comprehensive HCM solution.

The primary focus of Workday and its partners is on creating user-friendly software experiences with no disruptions and overcoming connectivity and integration challenges between the systems during the digital transformation initiatives.

Workday continuously following global market trends together with partnership networks

Recent trends and developments in the global market focus on machine learning and AI, which are becoming increasingly embedded in the Workday solution.There is also an increased focus on data analytics and a higher demand for access to meaningful data to drive decision making by simulating models. Workday aims to expand these capabilities through its partnership network and a simple go-to-market strategy in the Nordics to increase the platform coverage and penetrate untapped markets.

Current services such as Peakon Employee Voice are a unique set of offerings that integrate intelligent listening platforms for enterprises to gather feedback and insights.

Furthermore, Workday is developing a new digital roadmap that creates a seamless process for enterprise clients to accelerate HCM process modernization. The initiative also helps in building strong connections among finance, HR and other functions.

About ISG Provider Lens™ Research

The ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant research series is the only service provider evaluation of its kind to combine empirical, data-driven research and market analysis with the real-world experience and observations of ISG’s global advisory team. Enterprises will find a wealth of detailed data and market analysis to help guide their selection of appropriate sourcing partners, while ISG advisors use the reports to validate their own market knowledge and make recommendations to ISG’s enterprise clients. The research currently covers providers offering their services across multiple geographies globally. For more information about ISG Provider Lens research, please visit this webpage.

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