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Being an IT girl

How girls change the world through choosing careers in technology.

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Welcome to the world of technology

Did you know that girls across the Nordics find the technology and ICT industry boring and complicated, but there is a high need for talent in the field? To counter this lack of talent and to encourage girls to apply for a career in IT, Tietoevry put together this guidebook Being an IT girl.

The booklet provides girls and their parents and teachers with practical insights into the industry and its variety of job roles and possible career paths. 

The guide is targeted to girls aged 15-18 years old and their parents.

Read the inspiring career stories and download your own copy. 

Read the inspiring stories

Why you should consider a career in tech and how to get started – let’s hear from our experts who work in the core of technology and develop solutions that change the world for good!

A talented female leader making waves in the tech industry

One of our leaders from Ukraine is breaking barriers and making a significant impact in the tech industry with her impressive track record and commitment to diversity.

A star who let’s others shine

Tone started a department that has more than tripled in size. She invented an app that is used in multiple countries and has been voted one of the most influential tech women in Norway.

Loving the combination of working with hard and soft skills

As a Security Manager Maja works with complex tech, critical systems and vital infrastructure. Her work goes beyond tech – it involves working with people as well.

From healthcare to IT

Marita Ødegård worked as a nurse before she decided to make a change and joined Tietoevry.

Solving problems with technology.

"The opportunity to get deeply involved in-projects that are beneficial to society is the reason why I still really enjoy working here after ten years". Read Linnéa's story.

A trailblazing technologist driving innovation and diversity

From software developer to visionary leader. Shashi’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of passion and, determination in driving innovation and empowering teams in the world of technology.

From business school graduate to a technology leader

Joining the tech industry was not the plan that system specialist Giselda Autio had in mind when she started her studies at Aalto University's Mikkeli campus for a Bachelor of International Business. On the contrary, she wanted an education that would be beneficial in many different industries.

Get your "Being an IT girl" guidebook

Download your guidebook here. It's available in English, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish.

Be where good begins

Girls & Technology surveys

Tech industry still faces serious challenges in attracting women

Tietoevry’s recent survey shows that fewer women in the Nordics would consider education and a career in tech, despite recognizing the potential of technology to address the biggest challenges of our time like climate change.

The Girls & Technology* survey – conducted by YouGov in February 2023 on behalf of Tietoevry – shows that 66% of women in Finland believe technology can help combat climate change, yet only 12% would consider a career in tech. There is even more skepticism in Norway, where only 8% want to work in the tech industry, even though 45% of women believe technology can solve climate change.

The results from Sweden** were more encouraging. One in four women between the ages of 16 and 30 (26%) has become more interested in working with IT/tech over the past three years. However, the tech industry is still perceived as non-inclusive, and the interest in pursuing an education in tech has declined over the last three years.

"The industry faces a significant challenge, but also an opportunity. We need to become much better at explaining the different professional roles, as well as the education and career paths available. IT and tech are both somewhat vague terms," says Anna Gulliksen, Head of Talent Acquisition at Tietoevry.

Read more about the findings

Why should you encourage your daughter to choose a career in technology?

In the coming years, Nordic societies must become greener, more sustainable, and digitalized. When approaching these challenges, technology is crucial. Unfortunately, the technology industry lacks labour, making us highly dependent on recruiting and influencing people to choose education and careers within technology, especially girls.

The survey “Girls & Technology” conducted by YouGov in February 2022 on behalf of Tietoevry, shows that only 15 percent of female students from the age 15-25 in Norway and Finland consider education or a career in tech. Half of the girls are unwilling to pursue a tech career because it seems boring or complicated. Girls’ reluctance towards this line of work is in great contrast to the 36 percent of male students who consider pursuing tech.

Read more about the key findings

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