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A Nordic leader in SAP Ecosystem study

Tietoevry has been positioned as a Nordic leader in the SAP Ecosystem services: ISG Provider Lens™ Study 2024

Tietoevry positioned as a Nordic leader

ISG has evaluated the relevant SAP service providers in 2024

ISG Provider Lens™ report says there has been a consistent upsurge in demand for service outsourcing in the Nordic region, driven by several factors, including the imperative for digital transformation, increasing interest in cloud solutions and rising adoption of the RISE with SAP proposition for migrating SAP systems to the cloud. The impending end-of-life timeline for ERP Central Component (ECC) has further accelerated this demand.

While S/4HANA transformations were previously prevalent primarily among midsize enterprises, recent observations by ISG reveal a notable increase in demand from large enterprises over the past 12–18 months. SAP and service providers are strategically aligning to capitalize on cloud-based transformations, accommodating enterprises’ public or private cloud solutions preferences.

With the increasing demand for transformation services, there is a corresponding uptick in managed application services and managed cloud services outsourcing. Enterprises are increasingly seeking support for these services from providers, driving providers to enhance their operations and introduce new services.

ISG acknowledged Tietoevry as a leader in all three quadrants:

  • Leader in SAP S/4HANA System Transformation
  • Leader in SAP Application Managed Services
  • Leader in Managed Cloud Services for SAP ERP


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SAP Ecosystem services 2024

SAP S/4HANA System Transformation


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SAP Activate-based transformation framework

Tietoevry’s S/4HANA transformation framework based on SAP Activate leverages accelerators, tools and documentation. It fosters a unified culture, language and technical base, expediting and simplifying the change process while ensuring quality. Its service packages span Activate phases, including EA vision creation, S/4HANA assessment and certified solutions for brownfield, bluefield and greenfield approaches.

Regional experience

With extensive experience and staff in the Nordics, Tietoevry boasts robust expertise in local subtleties. This deep understanding of regional dynamics enables seamless alignment with the client’s business and cultural contexts, facilitating top-tier service delivery for SAP transformations.

Full-stack services

Tietoevry’s approach is technology agnostic, spanning UX, transactional data, analytics and security and aligning with customers’ strategies. employing tailored methodologies and accelerators for greenfield, brownfield or hybrid approaches like bluefield (mix and match) in collaboration with the SNP Group.


SAP Application Managed Services

SAP Application Managed Services.png

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Industrialized model

Tietoevry offers full-stack SAP services with industrialized models, including SAP cloud landscapes, ALM/AMS and project services. Its global delivery and local presence provide cost-efficient solutions, deep business process knowledge and industry expertise for long-term relationships.

Zero-touch automation platform

Tietoevry’s zero-touch automation engine, Ayehu NG in Azure, streamlines ticket administration to reduce manual effort. Standardized processes facilitate consistent, efficient and error-free services. Automation is prioritized
for routine tasks, enhancing speed and accuracy. Agile application enhancement and changes are executed using DevOps CI/CD pipelines.

End-to-end service portfolio

From SAP S/4HANA transformation to application management, Tietoevry delivers end-to-end solutions by leveraging standardized processes and its zero touch automation framework. Through continuous improvement and a mature service model, it optimizes service delivery, focusing on efficiency, effectiveness and innovation. Flexible governance enables alignment with customer business cycles, providing scalability and adaptability.

Managed Cloud Services for SAP ERP


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Cloud management offerings

Tietoevry offers agile, scalable SAP ecosystems in private or public clouds. Enterprises can choose from hyperscalers or Tietoevry’s private clouds in Finland or Sweden. DevOps principles and SAP automation enhance managed services. With over 1,500 hosted SAP systems, the company’s expertise facilitates seamless integration and reliability.

Certified resources in the region

Tietoevry is one of the largest SAP services providers in the region, with over 1,000 SAP consultants globally, including more than 150 S/4HANA certified experts. Industryspecific experience and partnership with SAP, Microsoft and Amazon guarantee effective platform services.

SAP Private Cloud

Tietoevry offers SAP Private Cloud, a private and hybrid cloud solution for SAP hosting in Finland, Sweden and Norway that provides high business continuity and performance. With predefined service levels and SAP Basis management, it supports various cloud hosting utilizes Azure NetApp Files and Premium Files, adapting to evolving cloud technology and customer feedback.

Key trends in the Nordic region

SAP S/4HANA System Transformation

In the Nordic region’s SAP S/4HANA transformation landscape, an increase in demand is evident, primarily propelled by enterprises’ cautious yet increasing adoption, particularly among large accounts. This transition is marked by a notable preference for greenfield projects, primarily driven by the end-of-life timeline for SAP ECC.

Moreover, cloud migration, notably facilitated by RISE with SAP offerings, is rapidly gaining traction, fostering a rise in greenfield transformations within private cloud environments.

SAP Application Managed Services

Emerging trends in application managed services (AMS) outsourcing in the Nordic region underscore a heightened demand for comprehensive support from service providers, particularly in maintaining and managing SAP applications. Enterprises, especially those with extensive SAP environments, increasingly prioritize outsourcing application management to optimize operations and effectively exercise cost control.

This strategic shift emphasizes the necessity for service providers capable of supporting the cloud journey and delivering services customized to evolving operational needs, with round-the-clock support being of paramount importance.

Managed Cloud Services for SAP ERP

Key trends in cloud adoption for SAP ERP workloads in the Nordic region include a notable increase in demand for managed cloud services outsourcing, driven by enterprises seeking comprehensive support throughout their post-implementation cloud journeys. This demand encompasses advisory, consulting, operational and cost management services, with a particular emphasis on security and disaster recovery.

The rising interest in the RISE with SAP proposition is a significant catalyst for this trend, prompting service providers to demonstrate flexibility in accommodatingSAP ERP applications across public and private cloud infrastructures.


Tietoevry has a robust regional presence and a competent SAP Activate-based framework, making it one of the most preferred service providers in the Nordics.


Akhila Harinarayan, Manager and Principal Analyst at ISG Research

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About ISG Provider Lens™ Research

The ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant research series is the only service provider evaluation of its kind to combine empirical, data-driven research and market analysis with the real-world experience and observations of ISG's global advisory team. Enterprises will find a wealth of detailed data and market analysis to help guide their selection of appropriate sourcing partners, while ISG advisors use the reports to validate their own market knowledge and make recommendations to ISG's enterprise clients. The research currently covers providers offering their services across multiple geographies globally. For more information about ISG Provider Lens™ research, please visit this webpage.

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