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Now is the time to join our SAP GO community to accelerate your transformation journey. By joining the community you'll learn more about the latest trends and insights within ERP development and SAP technologies.

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By joining the SAP GO community, you'll get up-to-date information on ERP development and the latest insights into SAP technology. We'll bring together everyone working on this topic and let us learn from each other.

At Tietoevry, we work with the largest Nordic companies on SAP solutions. We have built a community with a network that keeps you one step ahead of the changes in ERP development and allows you to be the first one to learn the best practices.

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Tiia Kokko, Head of SAP - Tietoevry Tech Services



Check out our event summaries

SAP Finug Autumn Seminar 2023, November 2 in Helsinki

The Autumn Seminar gathered over 400 participants.

Thank you to our customers for the excellent presentations:

  1. The keynote speaker of the seminar was UPM's CIO Turkka Keskinen on the topic of Strategic Change in IT. Turkka painted the future and past IT change perfectly together with AI enhancers. IT is: STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT PARTNER, SERVICE LEADER and BUSINESS CONTINUITY ENSURANCE. The job of an CIO is to lead PEOPLE and the change. The cooperation between Tietoevry and UPM has been strong and continuous in a wide range of IT services, including for example SAP maintenance and development services.

  2. Kemira's CIO Taras Podbereznyj told us about the successful implementation of the whole Kemira group's SAP S/4HANA, culminating in the transfer of information from the old to the new over the weekend. It's rare to hear how on Monday morning from Australia, the whole countrywide Kemira organization moved to a new activity control system with the newest like-enhancing features at once and successfully. Congratulations to the whole team of Kemira. We were making a move that made possible for a change by building a platform based on the Microsoft Azure.

  3. Glaston's Rami Lilja, Head of Enterprise Applications and Vesa Marjanen, Senior Data Governance Manager managed to make the audience laugh many times with their comedy. Connecting the company's SAP environments from the perspective of data migration was a great demonstration of how good expertise and preparation can be achieved. Glaston now has the opportunity to develop its operations based on the common SAP activity guidance. We were the main partner of the implementation.

  4. Posti's Antti Äänismaa, Project Manager, told about the implementation of over 89 Posti's company SAP S/4HANA together with Tietoevry. Congratulations to Posti for getting a big project for commissioning together with the SAP team of Tietoevry.


Mikko Vepsäläinen
Head of SAP Presales Finland


Tietoevry's SAP team: Janne Sjögren, Jouko Juuti, Tiia Kokko, Mikko Vepsäläinen, Anneli Nyman, Antti Lyytikäinen, Antti Heinonen and Arto Heikkilä

SAPSA Impuls 2023, November 6-7 in Stockholm

Time to summarize this year's big SAPSA Impuls event

It was a joy to see so many people that are so excited and engaged in the same area as us living and breathing SAP.

A special thanks to all customers and partners who visited us at our booth and to my colleagues for supporting and engaging in interesting dialogues.

We also gave two presentations at the event.

  1. Me and Antti Heinonen, Head of SAP Platforms, talked about AI and SAP and some actual customer cases where AI has been utilized.
  2. Jouko Juuti, Head of SAP Architecture and Innovation, talked about SNP in practice and to only bring what you need to your new cloud ERP.

And a big reach out to all our great partners at SAP, SNP, AWS, Microsoft and Vistex for the knowledge sharing and discussions.

If you want to learn more about these topics, then please reach out to me or one of my colleagues.

Robert Samuelsson
Head of Presales Sweden


Tietoevry's SAP team: Annette Jarlemark, Jouko Juuti, Robert Samuelsson, Antti Heinonen and Pär Bohlin

Join the SAP GO community

By joining the SAP GO community you'll learn more about the latest trends and insights within ERP development and SAP technologies.

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