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Project Bonsai industrial automation

AI-driven industrial automation powered by Microsoft’s Project Bonsai low code platform delivers vast benefits for the manufacturing industry.

What is Project Bonsai?

Transform from automated to autonomous industrial systems

Project Bonsai is a low code AI development platform designed for the manufacturing industry to improve production efficiency and reduce downtime. It helps to speed up the evaluation and creation of AI-powered automation processes. 

Accelerate the benefits of automation: improved quality, productivity, and cost-efficiency.

Rory Moore

Head of Industrial Services


Enable engineers to create AI without requiring data science


Teach AI with instructions and guidance created by engineers


Prepare your AI for real environments through simulation


Deploy AI to work independently or in partnership with people

Journey from automated to autonomous

In manufacturing companies, AI deployments traditionally require vast investments in data science expertise, which often hinders companies from reaching the full benefits of automation. With the Project Bonsai low-code platform, companies can validate effortlessly their automation potential, while also enabling scalability.

The platform helps industrial companies to reach the best possible quality for process outcomes. For example, instead of needing to manually adjust production process inputs to reach the optimal result, engineers can use Project Bonsai to build intelligent controllers that sense and adapt to changing environments.

Tietoevry is Microsoft’s partner of choice in Northern Europe for the delivery of AI-powered solutions for autonomous industrial control systems based on Microsoft’s Project Bonsai low-code Platform. We package technology and industry knowledge to accelerate the benefits of automation for our customers.

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