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SIAM - Service Integration & Management

A trusted partner to integrate and manage your IT ecosystem.

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SIAM in every IT ecosystem

- Simplify your IT and focus on your core business.

Complexity is new reality. We believe that when you manage the complexity it becomes diversity. Diversity removes the boundaries to innovate and maximes the benefits of digitalisation.

Tietoevry SIAM approach is standardised service elements bundled for customised solutions for service management advisory, services, and tools.

Tietoevry SIAM takes the ownership to proactive lead and manage the performance of the ecosystem. It faciliates all in the ecosystem to work in cooperation and collaboration to achieve a streamlined Service Management.

Veli Pirttiaho

Head of SIAM Services, Tietoevry Tech Services


Business continuity

A holistic view of the ecosystem aligns your IT as a whole towards the business. It makes your IT better equipped to support business continuity and agility.


Simplified complexity

We simplify routines and practicalities to harmonise your IT ecosystem and improve your IT quality. A more transparent IT ecosystem enables you to understand bottlenecks and business impacts.


Focus on what matters

Free your IT from dealing with operations and supplier issues. Acquire more time and money for your IT to interface with your business and support business digitalization.

Key features

Integrate and Manage your IT ecosystem as a Service

Our productised and repeatable SIAM packages enable KPI driven target setting for our SIAM solutions. With delivery capabilities from Nordic, nearshore, and offshore, our SIAM solution is always cost optimised to provide the best fit for your needs.

A single source of truth beyond ITSM

With our SIAM tool solutions, you will have a 'single source of truth' for ICT service management with capabilities in IT and beyond. Your SIAM tool is aligned with the long-term vision of your tool consolidation; thus decreasing risks to business continuity. We give you scalability and improve your ICT agility to support business changes. Our productised approach gives you faster time to market and saves money.

Tieto SIAM is your trusted partner

You benefit from our real-life and hands-on SIAM experiences for running multi-vendor service management on behalf of our customers. We have experience and customers in all industries in Finland, Sweden, and Norway. SIAM certified high-skilled, and senior professionals in Nordics, India, Estonia, and Czech will ensure you access to SIAM knowledge and competences.

Our SIAM offering

SIAM services

SIAM Services drives a common operating model for seamless end-to-end service delivery across all suppliers.

SIAM coordinates service providers, their operational delivery and compliance, SLAs, IT processes, people, tools on behalf of the customer’s ICT organisation.

Your day-to-day management overhead involved in running a multi-vendor environment is reduced and you can focus on your business needs.

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SIAM tool solutions

SIAM tools solutions provide a “single source of truth” for ICT Service Management for a multi-vendor ecosystem.

The service covers the entire lifecycle of solution tool from scope identification through implementation to maintenance and support.

With ServiceNow as a strategic platform tool, the solutions align not only with IT needs but beyond - with any service.

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Want to know more?

Download our whitepapers: 1) Tietoevry SIAM- Integrating customer IT ecosystem for digital business with intelligence 2) Tietoevry Operational SIAM – sleep well with business continuity ensured 3) Tietoevry Enterprise SIAM – Agility to Business

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