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PPS - Edtech boosting learning journeys

To boost different learning styles and create a variety of trainings offered, a supplier decided to add edtech to a training program and to produce an eLearning offering.

They started out small, to test and receive customer feedback, which was very positive. The training participants liked the ability to gain knowledge from different methods, a film with quizzes, meet-ups in live webinars led by a trainer and groupwork with fellow participants.

The edtech development was made in an agile and customer driven dialogue. Edtech Studios and Tietoevry contributed with expertise in high quality production and a customer centric method of developing content based on the training goal set for each eLearning production.


The feedback is positive:

Adding eLearning puts PPS on the map.

This has been a big “kick-in-the-right-direction” for us, the customers are very positive, and the training is going well.


The customers voice – learn more about the initiative

We want to make it easy for the participants to gain understanding of both the topic as well as getting an overall perspective. E.g., gaining an understanding of both what change management is and how change management supports operation.

The goal is to contribute to efficient learning for the participant and for the knowledge to grow into understanding. This is done with a powerful combination of linking the training to reality with exercises connected to real-life situations.

Also, the flexibility to be able to do and re-do the training when it suits the individual. The customers like that, instead of committing to three days in a classroom, you also have the benefit to join wherever you are.

It allows more efficient time for the trainer where he or she can instead invest time in the most important thing – dialogue with the participant.

Absolutely, this helps to build learning journeys in a smart way. Adding film to our online tools contributes to instant learning. It also adds value for existing customers as well as selling to new customers.

Self-studies including knowledge tests and reflection in combination with social training together with other participants, before attending trainer lead webinars, makes individual learning both efficient and sustainable.

In this setting eLearning provides an opportunity for reflection and repetition. This also contributes to sustainable learning. Repetition is the basis for all learning, knowledge and experience in combination leads to better results. This creates real understanding of the content and builds knowledge.

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