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FinCrime Insights: Podcast

Join in on Financial Crime Prevention insights and collectively fight the rise of fraud - together!

A podcast that educates you on FinCrime

Discover the fascinating world of financial crime and gain invaluable knowledge!

Tune in to "FinCrime Insights," a compelling podcast hosted by John Erik Setsaas, where he delves into crucial topics within Financial Crime Prevention. Join us as we delve into the complexities and intricacies of this challenging field, providing you with insights and expertise to better understand and combat financial crime. Stay informed and empowered with the podcast that educates you on financial crime.

Discover the reality behind the hype and buzzwords, equipping yourself with the insights and resources necessary to fight the rising tide of fraud - together. Presented by Tietoevry Banking and John Erik Setsaas, tune in and be part of the revolution in combating financial crime with FinCrime Insights!

John Erik Setsaas

Director of Innovation, Financial Crime Prevention

FinCrime podcast episodes

Episode #00

The Defence Centre 25 years of preventing fraud

In this pilot episode, John Erik Setsaas is in dialouge with André Moen Eide, the Head of Defence Centre. The Defence Centre is where people are working 24/7 to detect and combat financial crime for our customers. André also talks about how financial crime has changed over the years, and the use of advanced tools we are using for fraud detection.

Read and listen to episode #00 here

Episode #02

User Present

In this episode, John Erik discusses the concept of “user present” with Bjørn Annaniassen. The purpose of this is to prevent fraud in situations where someone has taken over control of your digital identity, or in the cases of close relation fraud. By comparing a picture taken now, with a trusted sample collected earlier, we can ensure that the owner of the digital identity is the one using it now. This will of course introduce extra friction, but will typically only be used for high-risk transactions, where users will expect more friction.

Read and listen to episode #02 here

Episode #01

3DS Monitoring – Insights from a Product Manager perspective

In this episode, Line Borgsø talks about our 3DS Monitoring solution. In the introduction, we talk about how fraud has changed over the last years, and how 3DS has become more important. At the same time, the fraudsters become more advanced, and we constantly have to improve the work we do to stop them. The 3DS monitoring adds another layer of security, and stops additional fraud attempts.

Read and listen to episode #01 here


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