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Protecting privacy with AI

With Public 360° Built-In Intelligence, we are integrating analytics and artificial intelligence into the heart of our system. This provides automation and better user experience in a familiar work environment.

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Transparency in public administration

We have launched 360° Archive Inspector as the first AI-driven standard module for the Norwegian public sector.

Building the assets for sustainable AI

With our industry knowledge and close customer cooperation.

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Redefining best practices



Compliance, transparency and privacy protection

Providing integrated sensitivity analysis to ensure process compliance and privacy protection.

Personal productivity

Personal productivity

Supporting all employees with smart automation and recommendations based on archive and case intelligence.

Business Productivity and Fairness

Business Productivity and Fairness

Using all the history in the stored archive to support case decisioning and organizational planning to ensure efficiency and fairness.

Public 360° news

In only three months, 360° Archive Inspector has analyzed over 1 million documents in municipalities protecting already over 4 percent of the Norwegian population. An open and scalable data and AI platform allows an easy integration into existing systems.

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