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Your value potential with Public 360°

The 360° product family consists of 3 main products; Public 360°, eArchive 360° and Plan & Build 360°. All products can be installed separately and additional modules can be added to make more functionality available. Here you will find an overview of all additional modules that can be installed.

360° modules

Overview of add-on modules. Click on module name and access product sheet.


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Popular modules now


360° Integration with MS Teams

360° Integration with MS Teams makes it possible to collaborate on documents from Microsoft Teams and having them stored in 360° at the same time. The integration allows you to work with documents in Microsoft Teams, while the documents are safely stored in 360°.

From Microsoft Teams it is possible to save new documents in 360° and to edit documents. Version history and logging is handled in 360° as usual.

When a document is checked out from 360° it is also locked for editing in Microsoft Teams. In this case it will be possible to open the file in view-only mode

360° Process engine

360° Process Engine makes it possible to design work process support in 360° using predefined and automated components. In this way your organization can get tailored processes without investing in programming or complex configurations.

360° eManager

360º eManager is a valued app for users who need to approve documents and workflows, or for users who needs to access information in 360º from their mobile devices.

360° Integration with MS Office Apps

360° Integration with MS Office Apps makes it possible to work with files without having a local installation of the 360° Office add-in and locally installed Microsoft Office. Many organizations are moving their software to the cloud and are wishing to do the same with their local Office installations. By using 360° Integration with MS Office Apps it is possible for the customers to ditch their expensive Microsoft Office on premise licenses and move to the cheaper cloud-based Microsoft 365 Apps licenses while still being able to work with files in 360°.

360° Sign

360° Sign enables your organization to sign documents by both internal and external recipients.

Documents for signing are sent from 360° to the 360° Sign where the signer can log in, read and sign documents. When document is sent for signing, the recipient will get a notification via email. It is possible to sign from both mobile app and browsers.

360° Restricted mode

360° Restricted mode is a new module for securing sensitive data, taking over from the old 360° Secure zone module. When using restricted mode, we are adding an extra “layer” of security on sensitive data, and removing functionality to minimize the risk of human errors.

360° eMeetings Prepare

360° eMeetings Prepare is a module that consists of an app which allows you to manage your meetings on mobile devices, as well as the integration between Public 360° and the app. The app is open for external meeting participants, making it the ideal app for attendees of formal meetings in committees, boards and councils. Board and meetings are transferred from Public 360° to 360° eMeetings Prepare. This ensures that all meeting participants at all times have access to the most up-to-date versions of the meeting agenda and the meeting material, and the attendees can fully digitally prepare for their meetings.

360° SharePoint Connect

SharePoint is a powerful platform that enables dynamic collaboration with internal and external participants. By connecting 360° with SharePoint you add security and governance to your external content production, giving you the synergy of flexible collaboration with state of the art document management.

360° eLearning

360° eLearning makes it possible for our customers to complete courses in Public 360° and Plan & Build 360° online. We currently offer introduction courses to Public 360° and Plan & Build 360°. As a part of the implementation package, 360° eLearning can increase the level in the classroom courses, since the students will already have basic knowledge of the system and its structures.

360° Meeting Management

360° Meeting Managment is a simplified alternative to 360° Board & Council Manager. With 360° Meeting Management your organization gets a simple, but flexible tool, to administrate meetings that do not need to follow the strict rules that apply to the 360° Board & Council Manager. 360° Meeting Management is also integrated with 360° eManager, which means that users have access to all meeting documentation directly from their smartphone or tablet.

360° OpenGov cases (NO)

360° OpenGov cases allows you to automate the online publishing of technical cases and documents such as building documents, building licenses, planning and other documents in a simple and secure way. This is an important feature for governmental units that want to give their citizens easy access to case information, in compliance with the Freedom of Information Act.

360° File Viewer

With 360° File Viewer you can view files directly from the 360° web interface without opening the associated software.

360° Scanning

360° Scanning gives your organization an efficient way to register large volumes of incoming mail (paper documents).



360° AD Sync Service

For organizations with many employees, registering every single user as a contact manually in 360° would be very time consuming. The 360° Active Directory Sync can import contacts from your Active Directory (AD), and also makes it possible to maintain various information in AD and synchronize it with 360°. Organizational units and contacts within AD are linked to departments and contact persons registered in 360° for transfer of information from AD to 360°. Synchronization can be run manually if preferred, or set up to run at regular intervals as a scheduled task. The AD Sync Service module is designed to be able to scale and work in Azure AD’s with tens of thousands of users and still be “responsive” with regards to synchronization latency.

360° Dispatch (e-mail and print)

360° Dispatch is a module that automates the process of finalizing documents and sending them to the designated recipients. The preferred delivery channel for individual contacts is automatically detected based on recipient information and installed channels. The module ensures that the file is sent in the correct delivery format, while logging both the time and method of dispatch.

360° PDF Signing

360° PDF Signing is a 360° module which can add a digital signature/stamp to PDF files in 360°.

360° PDF Signing lets you affix a digital enterprise certificate to PDF documents. The PDF file thus contains information about which enterprise signed the document and information that ensures that it is noticeable if anyone has made changes to the file after its signing.

360° Template Designer

360° Template designer is used to establish connections between the metadata in 360° and the content controls in Microsoft Word Templates. During document creation, metadata in 360° is linked with fields in the template. Once saved, values in the template’s content controls can be used to update metadata in 360°.

360° Format converter (incl. Pixedit or next generation tool)

When distributing and archiving files in 360°, the files should be converted to a final durable and compliant format. 360° Format Converter automatically converts files to the PDF/A format. 360° Format Converter can be configured to exclude comments, revision marks from tracked changes and annotations when converting the file. The original document is not changed. 360° Format Converter can also convert emails from Microsoft Outlook. If the emails contain attachments (or images), these will be converted as links in the PDF file.

360° Archive Format Validator

The 360° Archive Format Validator (AFV) is a service that will help keep your archive in order by ensuring that all PDF files are PDF/A compliant. The 360° Archive Format Validator executes on a schedule, it inspects PDF files and determines if they are PDF/A compliant or not. If a file is found to be PDF/A, it is marked as "Ok". If a file is not already PDF/A, it is converted to this format. This helps ensure that all archive files (incoming and outbound) belonging to "closed" (journalized, dispatched) documents are converted to PDF/A. The Archive Format Validator can also be configured to inspect and convert revision documents if necessary.

Board and meeting management


360° Board & Council Manager (Public)

360° Board & Council Manager has been developed specifically for organizations where a large proportion of the decision-making process takes place at formal meetings of boards, councils and committees. Cases can be prepared and presented on a case chart with documents and attachments. Meetings can be planned, invitations generated, agendas produced and resolutions can be followed-up.

360° Decision tracking

360° Decision Tracking is an effective tool for managing decisions and resolutions that have to be tracked in your organization. With 360° Decision Tracking, you ensure that meeting decisions and directives are tracked in 360°. This way decisions made are delegated and carried out within the set deadlines.

Digital communication


360° Dispatch Adapter: Digipost (NO)

360° Ekspedering adapter: Digipost is a 360° Dispatch channel adapter used in Norway. This channel adapter is primarily used by 360° business solutions. 360° Public solutions should normally use 360° Ekspedering adapter: DPI (NO). The Digipost adapter can still be used and might be useful for customers having contacts which they don't have the social security number ("fødselsnummer") for.

360° Integration: SvarInn (NO)

360° Integration: SvarInn (NO) (formerly known as 360° Kobling mot KS SvarInn) is an integration used in Norway to automatically download documents (with files) sent by governmental agencies using 360° Ekspedering adapter: Svar ut (NO), 360° Dispatch adapter eFormidling (NO) or "eDialog" (a solution delivered by KS).

360° Dispatch Adapter: SvarUT (NO)

360° Ekspedering adapter: Svar ut (NO) is a 360° Dispatch channel adapter used for public companies in in Norway.

This channel supports sending files to both organizations (private and public) and private persons digitally in addition to supporting "Print". Note that printing is supported for both foreign as well as Norwegian addresses.

360° Ekspedering adapter: SvarUt (NO) also support using department specific properties. This can be used for defining different organization unit IDs to identify senders, allowing recipients to see what department the documents are sent from and to allow customer billing (from KS) to be set up correctly.

360° Ekspedering Adapter: DPI

360° Ekspedering adapter: Digital postkasse til innbyggere (DPI) (formerly known as 360° Ekspedering adapter SDP (NO)) is a 360° government-regulated Dispatch channel adapter used in Norway. Municipalities and counties should normally use 360° Ekspedering adapter: SvarUt (NO)​.

This channel is a 360° Dispatch adapter which is the government-regulated channel for State/ gov. in Norway.

360° Dispatch Adapter: eFormidling (NO)

360° Dispatch adapter eFormidling is a 360° Dispatch channel adapter used in Norway. The channel is DigDir's (The Norwegian Agency for Public Management and eGovernment) dispatch solution. This adapter was formerly known as "360° Document Exchange- EDU/Best (NO)".

With 360° Dispatch adapter eFormidling, your enterprise can communicate digitally with both private and public companies. It supports both sending and receiving documents through the infrastructure provided by "integrasjonspunktet".

360° Dispatch Adapter: DKAL (DK)

360° Dispatch DKAL Adapter is a dispatch adapter used in Denmark. The 360° Dispatch DKAL channel supports both sending and receiving documents through the infrastructure provided by e-Boks. In order to use the solution, recipients need to have either a CPR number (citizen identification number) or CVR (equivalent for companies). These numbers can be added manually or can be provided by the integration components for the online services for CPR or CVR. This requires separate licenses and is not a part of this adapter.

360° Dispatch adapter: Mina meddelanden

360° Dispatch adapter: Mina meddelanden (SE) is a government regulated dispatch adapter for the Swedish market, making it possible to send digital mail to both citizens and enterprises. The recipients need to have a valid social security number/ enterprise number in order to receive digital mail.

360° Integration with NgDP (DK)

360° Integration with NgDP (to replace 360° Ekspedering adapter DKAL (DK) for public customers) is a 360° government-regulated two-way Dispatch channel adapter with additional functionality used in Denmark.

360° Dispatch adapter: (FI)

360° Dispatch adapter: (FI) is a government regulated dispatch adapter for the Finnish market, making it possible to send digital mail to both citizens and enterprises. The recipients need to have a valid social security number/ enterprise number in order to receive digital mail.

Central registries


360° Integration with Enhetsregisteret (BRREG)

The Enhetsregisteret module makes it possible to get organization information from the official Norwegian register for organizations, directly from 360°. The register is maintained by Brønnøysundregistrene (BRREG) and has information about all businesses in Norway. All entities registered in Enhetsregisteret are identified by a unique identifier, a nine-digit organization number.

360° Enhetsregisteret Update (NO)


360° Integration with Folkeregisteret (NO)


360° Folkeregisteret Update (NO)


360° Integration with Det Centrale Virksomhedsregister (DK)

The CVR module makes it possible to get organization information from the official Danish register for organizations, directly from 360°. This is maintained by 'virksomhedsregistret' (CVR) and has information about all businesses in Denmark. All entities registered in CVR are identified by either a CVR- or a P-number. An organization identified by a CVR-number can consists of zero, one or more productions units, identified by a P-number. The P-number is an unique identifier.

360° Integration with Det Centrale Personregisteret (CPR) (DK)

With 360° Integration with Det Centrale Personregister (CPR), Public 360° fetches updated contact information from Det Centrale Personregister when creating new contacts. Using the integration with CPR is timesaving as the caseworkers don't have to fill in the information manually when creating new contacts. At the same time it reduces errors related to manual creation on contacts.

360° Integration with Navet (SE)

Correct citizen information, including social security numbers is the key to efficient communication with citizens through various public digital channels.

With 360° Integration with Navet, 360° fetches updated contact information from Folkbokföringen. Using the integration with Navet is timesaving as the caseworkers don't have to fill in contact information manually when adding new contacts to cases and documents. At the same time it reduces errors related to manual registration of contacts.



360° Information act request

The Freedom of Information Act states that anyone has the right to apply for access to information or a document that was created by or sent to a public authority and included in the case management process. An increasing number of requests are being made, putting pressure on the organizations that process them.

With the 360° Information Act Requests module, your organization gets support throughout the process of handling requests for document access.

360° OpenGov Meetings (NO)

360° OpenGov Meetings allows you to automate the online publication of documents such as meeting agendas and minutes. With the help of 360° Board & Council Manager, you can also publish information online about boards, board members, meetings and case processes.

360° Public Journal

With 360° Public Journal you can extract information meant for public access from 360° in a standardized format, and publish the information on a public Internet site.

Document management


360° Contract management

With 360º Contract Management, your organization gets a predefined contract archive which gives you direct access to current contracts, as well as an overview of relevant information such as expiration dates, contacts and full document and file history. The module enables you to gather all information relevant to the contract management process, for example information related to the process of negotiation before signing and follow-up of the contract afterwards.

360° Policy documents with document distribution

With 360º Policy Documents your organization gets a best practice set-up for structuring and maintaining routines, procedures, forms, handbooks and similar documents. Functions for revision management, as well as document and file log, give complete traceability of information. You can be sure that your employees are always presented with relevant and current up-to-date versions of your policy documents.



360° eServices Platform

360° eServices Platform is a form solution provided by Tietoevry. The product includes Digiforms Server and Digiforms Designer from Metafocus AS, sold by Tietoevry. In addition to Digiforms Server and Digiforms Designer, the customer gets access to the partner product

360° eServices Connect

360° eServices Connect offers a tailor made API for integrating eService platforms with 360°. The module allows the customer to integrate an existing e-service platform with 360°. The existing e-service platform is operated by the customer and the module allows direct integration through eServices' standardized API and related 360 functionality such as Default values and Virtual metadata.

Third party integration tools


360° Third party integration tools

The integration tools makes it possible for 360° to send or retrieve information from external systems. 360° offers a wide range of integration tools, from very simple to complex. Some of the integration tools are designed to handle specific data needs, while others are general.

Public 360° Power Automate Connector is an easy to implement integration tool, that makes it possible to create simple integrations with with social media and online services such as Twitter, Google Sheets, Outlook and OneDrive.
    • Simple Integration Framework (SIF)
SIF is an integration framework making it easier to talk with 360°.
    • GI Services
GI-services (short for GeoIntegration) are a set of publicly defined Norwegian services used to integrate different types of applications with an archive or a map-application (see The services needed for an archive is implemented and specific implementation is done for eArchive 360° and Public 360°.



360° Template connect

360° Template Connect makes it possible to create 360° templates by using a third-party tool. By using such a tool, enterprises can reduce the number of templates but still keep the correct branding and all required content. The customer must set up separate agreement with third party provider. The templates are normally designed for the customer by the third party provider.

360° Non-production environments

360° Non-production environments gives our customers the opportunity to buy additional environments, besides the production environment, to be used for development, testing etc

360° Online SLA

With 360° Online SLA, 360° online customers on purchase order agreements can get a Service Level Agreement (SLA) where specific error categories must be resolved within a specific timeline.


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