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Fintech Podcast

Too many trends to keep track of? We’ve made it easy for you. Get the experts’ viewpoint on some of the hottest fintech topics in the Nordics.

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Central bank digital currencies (1).png

Why is there so much hype about Central Bank Digital Currencies? What is the status of CBDCs around the world? And what does it mean for us consumers? Join Kim Engman for a deep dive into this exciting topic. 53min

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Everything about card payments.png

Go on a journey with true payment card specialist Mario Blazevic as he shares his insights and exciting predictions for the future of the card payment industry - for banks, fintechs and consumers alike. 36min


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Uncovering the latest trends within capital markets 2.png

Never before have the capital markets been so accessible to so many people around the world. Join Hugo Sundkjer as he uncovers the latest trends and developments within capital markets. 42min

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Turning data into insight.png

Aleksandr Peussa, Chief Data Scientist at TietoEVRY, discusses the steps large organisations need to take to become more data-driven, and which financial services will gain the most from AI. 36min

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Cashless society.png

How did the Nordics become one of the most cashless societies in the world? What factors played in, and how will it evolve in the coming years? Join Micaela Vernmark and Jonas Brännvall for an inspiring discussion! 45 min

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Crime prevention.png

Anti-money laundering, social-engineered fraud and the different approaches taken by fintech and traditional banks towards financial crime prevention are some of the trends analysed by Jonas Kullgren in this insightful podcast. 43min

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The battle of the cloud giants.png

Catch up on the latest development and the ongoing battle between the large public cloud providers. Micaela Vernmark and Jonas Brännvall are joined by Harald Walden, CTO from instant payment fintech, Brite, to discuss the pros and cons of developing financial services in the cloud. 45min.

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In partnership with Fintechpodden

These expert interviews are brought to you by one of the most popular fintech podcasts in the Nordics: Fintechpodden. In every episode, the Fintechpodden duo Gustaf and Johan shares the latest and greatest on innovation and technology within the fintech industry.

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