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All-in-one core banking solution

EasyFS® core banking solution is designed for financial institutions and credit providers to support your banking services to meet the needs of your customers.

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Future of core banking

Designed for financial institutions to provide services to their customers.

We help you to digitalize your business processes, secure operational efficiency and growth in an environment of constant regulatory change. We ensure that you can fully exploit the possibilities generated from open, modular and scalable banking solutions and connected eco-systems to stay ahead of competition. To meet your customers’ expectations, you’ll need a reliable partner and a professional product. We help you to achieve your goal by enabling you deliver products and services quickly and on time, while reducing your development and deployment costs.

EasyFS® is a core banking software designed as “plug and play” solution with the possibility to add netbank, leasing,factoring, accounting and trade finance modules.


Market-centric solution

We offer a core banking solution designed primarly for banks willing to conduct their business in the Baltic region. Our solutions are fully compliant with the local regulations and rapid time to market.

Secure and intuitive

We provide an intuitive user interface for your bank employees and a secure internet platform for your customers. EasyFS®​ is able to offer customer-centric and high added-value packages to today's customers.

Diverse and modular

Our modular yet integrated solution meets the needs of modern financial institutions by empowering you with necessary end-to-end tools. Solution also includes Baltic specific factoring and digital channel modules.

Some opportunities

User-friendly and modern

EasyFS®​ has a flexible and secure user interface, which allows the bank to provide rapid and high-quality services (including loan and leasing management). Part of EasyFS® is a modern internet banking and self-service platform, which is easy to use.

Flexible and customer-centric

Our modular yet integrated solution meets the banking needs of financial institutions by enabling you to handle deposits, lending, tansactional banking, treasury and much more. We bundle different EasyFS® modules to help you achieve your goals.

Professional support

Our service support includes consultancy and technical assistance that answers all your questions. Professionals with in-depth knowledge will provide software management services and make urgent improvements.

Leasing and Lending

Easily set-up fully functional automated loan and vendor-financing platform.

Key features

Automated process

Full lifecycle from offer making to application and loan handling. Built-in risk scoring, automatic credit decisions, KYC and anti-money laundering functionalities enable fast and efficient contract handling.


ReportLab for generating and holding different documents. Integrations with different parties: insurance broker, credit registers and accounting system. 

Digital channels

Leasing and lending modules meet the needs of financial institutions lending as well as setting up a vendor-financing model. Flexible and intuitive graphical user interface makes it simple to use. 


Gateway solution

An API solution connecting vendor systems directly with EasyFS® leasing system, enabling vendors to use leasing system functionalities and benefits without double work or logging in. 

Multi-local and multi-lingual

User interface is designed to be fully translatable, allowing system to be used any desired language.

Highly customizable

Depending on customer needs, different user profiles with rights to functionalities can be set up. User setup enables three levels of customization: system default, corporate level or user level settings.   

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