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Core banking software EasyFS

EasyFS® is a core banking software for financial institutions and credit providers. Experience great banking, leasing and lending services fully aligned with local regulations in the Baltic region.

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Future of core banking

Designed for financial institutions to provide services to their customers.

The financial sector and banking are undergoing fundamental changes and business agility is becoming a core capability to stay ahead. The simultaneous need for security and compliance with regulatory requirements makes this a balancing act.

With exponential growth, banks may struggle to operate and compete while using old mainframe solutions. Thanks to open banking, a vast amount of transactions in the future will flow through channels owned not by banks but third parties and fintech companies.

Easy Financial Services - EasyFS® core banking software enables open, modular and scalable banking services to stay ahead of the competition. It is designed as a “plug and play” banking solution, with API-first architecture and local integrations in place. It is easy to add for example NetBank, leasing, factoring, accounting and trade finance modules on a per need-basis.

Core banking experience

In the Baltics, we have decades of experience in core banking and leasing software and a proven track record of successful core banking software implementations. Internationally, Tietoevry is the market leader in financial services, at the forefront of reshaping and digitalizing core banking processes to improve customer experience and address efficiency challenges.

Our financial services and the modular, integrated, cloud-agnostic core banking software for the Baltic region empowers you with end-to-end tools to deliver products and services quickly, all while reducing development and deployment costs.


Rapid time to market

With EasyFS®, you can have a fully functional core banking for your business up and running in 3 months. The software is designed for financial institutions to conduct their business in the Baltic region, as it is fully compliant with the local legislation.

Gain the competitive edge

Increase your business performance up to 80% and reduce your operating costs through automation. Through a modular and automated approach, reduce your operating cost and increase the efficiency for your employees.

Diverse and modular

Bundling different EasyFS® modules enables you to handle deposits, lending, leasing, transactional banking, treasury and much more. The solution also includes Baltic specific factoring and digital banking channel modules.

Key features


A variety of deposit services for day-to-day banking enables you to offer these services to your retail and corporate customers. We support you with the analytics and a full overview of each customer’s financial situation.

Payments engine

EasyFS® supports local clearing systems and includes interfaces to payment networks such as SEPA, TARGET2 and SWIFT. We are PSD2 compliant and have all the necessary integrations.

Lending & loans management

Minimize the manual intervention across the entire lending lifecycle such as changing repayment schedules and contract cancelling, by using flexible automated loans management. Our lending and loan management software help banks spot loan agreements in arrears at an early stage.

Factoring services

Make factoring easy for your employees. EasyFS® Factoring has it all to provide factoring services. The intuitive graphical user interface enables easy data export and import to and from other external accounting systems to provide a seamless user experience.

Key factoring service components:

  • Invoice management
  • Contract management
  • Interest and fee calculation
  • Reporting
  • Overdue management
  • Integration with internal and external systems

Accounting and reporting

Get full control over your financials through a fully configurable real-time accounting module. This helps you to structure the General ledger and use Virtual ledgers for analytical or reporting purposes. Each report can be compiled and configured according to your needs or official banking standards.

Virtual Account Management support

Virtual Account Management supports real-time cash and liquidity management via fund checks. Enjoy the benefits of automated receivables, real-time visibility of customer funds and a flexible ledger of virtual accounts. You can lower the maintenance costs by reducing the number of real bank accounts.

Customisable dashboards provide an intuitive use of the system and allow you to make decisions based on real-time data.

Treasury management

If you’re looking for core treasury functionality – borrowing, foreign exchange, lending and time deposit deals – we will support you in every step on the way, including the Spot, Forward and Swap deals for foreign exchange transactions.

Digital banking channels

Serve your customers wherever and whenever with responsive internet banking, netbank and phonebank. We offer easy to use real-time banking services with the most essential features your customers need.

Security by design

Maintain trust in your brand with security measures across your network, event audit and logging.

The configurable authentication methods for netbank and phonebank enable customers to have a secure and convenient banking experience. Ensure that you can act upon suspicious behaviour immediately by tracking changes to user rights and active bank sessions.

Security management processes will help you to support the service continuity. Documented secure software development, quality management and information security management processes are followed daily.

Leasing and asset financing

Take full control over the lifecycle of a leasing product. Our leasing and asset financing software functions as a fully functional vendor-financing platform with proper origination handling from different points of sale.

To offer a customer-centric and high added-value package for today’s customers, we have bundled different features to enable you to provide car and machinery lease as well as setting up a vendor-financing module. We help you in the everyday tasks by offering professional service support, consultancy and technical assistance.

EasyFS® Leasing & Asset financing software offers the possibility to export data to an external accounting system (Navision) and has more than 30 integrations with credit and car registries, insurance brokers and tax authorities.

Key leasing and asset financing functionalities:

  • Automated Credit Decision (ACD) making
  • Built-in risk scoring
  • ReportLab for generating and holding different documents
  • Integrations with insurance brokers, credit registries and accounting systems
  • Digital channels with a flexible and intuitive interface


EasyFS® enables you to have a complete view of your customers and their relationship with you as well as a 360-degree view of customer accounts so you can tailor your offers. The user-friendly interface allows you to create relations, assign contact persons, define deal types as well as manage account signing rights.

To meet today’s complex regulatory changes and payment challenges, our solution complies with Anti Money Laundering laws and regulations.

User-friendly and secure banking

EasyFS®​ has a flexible and secure user interface, which allows the bank to provide user-friendly, high-quality digital banking services rapidly, including loan and leasing management, modern internet banking, and a self-service platform, which are easy to use.

Banking solution support

Our consultancy and technical assistance services answer all your questions. Professionals with in-depth core banking knowledge provide software management services and make continuous improvements in an agile manner.

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